In addition to our own mini-league we realise there are lots of great Fantasy games out there for you join also.

Check out  who run their own game fantasy game and prediction game also! Full details below..




FanXT brings to fans the latest fantasy installment of the Premier League


Yes, you read that right – the wait is finally over. Fans of EPL can now begin to start or join fantasy leagues with Fantasy English Premiership and Prediction Game 2013/14 (


For the uninitiated, Fantasy English Premiership is a free-to-play football game that enhances EPL fans’ experience of the Premier League. It offers users (called ‘fantasy managers’) a starting budget of $130 million to create their own virtual football team. Fantasy managers can buy star players like Luis Suarez     (Liverpool), Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Robin Van Persie (Manchester United) and more from the top twenty clubs in England. As they climb up the ranks and earn medals, top managers will compete to accomplish the coveted rank of the Legendary Fantasy English Premiership Manager – the game’s highest honour.




Some of the highlights of this fantasy football game are:

  • Detailed player graph analysis of players
  • Earning experience points as games progress
  • Ability to compete with other private leagues
  • Invite friends to join via Facebook


The Fantasy English Premiership and Prediction Game also gives Premier League fans the chance to predict match scores. The best part: fans from around the world can play the game which is available in four languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish.


With the league kick-off just around the corner, fantasy managers had better be on their toes to manage their teams and leagues so that they are well prepared to welcome the 2013/14 season of Fantasy English Premiership.


For more information, visit or contact FanXT at


About FanXT [ /]
FanXT / Fantasy4All is an award-wining global fantasy sports provider that offers games like fantasy football, Formula 1 and more. Its multi-platform and multi-language fantasy sport games are available for Web, Facebook, iPhone, Android, WAP, and soon Smart TV. FanXT is part of the GIST Initiative programme, supported by the U.S. Department of State.

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  1. Just signed up for FanXt. I must say it’s pretty comprehensive

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