Fantasy Football Preview: Liverpool’s Salah Wants 40 Goals This Season

As the whole world struggles to get to grips with the effect of rampant inflation, those of us in the FPL community merely raise an eyebrow, shrug our shoulders and get on with it.

For this is nothing new to us, is it dear friends?

When you’ve seen the inflation in the likes of Salah, Lord Lundstram or Cancelo over the years, this is a mere cakewalk for us.

Onto DGW36!

Written by Mr. Niall Hawthorne


GW36 Defender: Marcos Alonso, Chelsea

Games against Wolves and Leeds United this week for Chelsea.

Wolves seem to have packed up and headed to the beach in recent weeks, their uncanny knack of grinding out single goal victories has long since dissipated, as have the goals. So I’m seeing a clean sheet and potential attacking return for Alonso in his first game, followed by the ever so delightfully open Leeds United in his second game, where he may well find himself with all the space in the world in which to attack.

GW36 Midfielder: Diogo Jota, Liverpool

We go again.

Tipped last week in this slot, he duly assisted the only goal of the game.

He started in Spain but was hooked at half-time, which will probably annoy him, but also probably ensures he starts against Spurs and possibly Villa too.

Once more, with feeling. 15 goals this season from midfield. 6 assists too. Reasonably well-rested too.



GW36 Forward: Richarlison, Everton

One of the most dislikeable men in world football, he’s also one of the only hopes that Everton have of survival.

It looks like any potential ban for chucking a flare into the crowd (as you do) could come next season as the police investigate the incident. How long does it take to google the clip anyway? It’s not hard lads, we all see him do it.

Anyway, I digress. Everton face a do-or-die week on the road against Leicester City and Watford. Leicester’s season ended last night, and Watford’s season ended last week, so both have little to play for. Everton have everything to play for.




GW36 Captain: Mo Salah, Liverpool

Did you see his pitchside interview after the Villareal game? How thoroughly refreshing!

Who do you want in the final Mo? Madrid, I owe them…

What targets did you set yourself this season Mo? 40 goals and 15 assists. I have 10 more goals to get….

When Madrid hilariously knocked out City, the whole world held their sides from laughing, but for Mo Salah it was his ‘Rocky’ moment. The bell went off in his head, and he knew it was time to get to work. 10 goals and Real Madrid in the European Cup final.

Game. On.


GW36 Outsider: Anthony Gordon, Everton

The boy how can play professional football but lacks the equilibrium required to not fall down every five minutes. He’s done amazingly well to progress so far.

He’s playing twice, nailed on to start twice, and as per my Richarlison tips, he’s playing teams with nothing to play for while trying to save his home-town club.

Your move….



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