I’ve always tried to think outside the box. I’ve always tried to keep FantasyYIRMA unique. The truth of it is that over the years as more and more fantasy accounts, blogs and games turn up it does get tougher to stay fresh and individual and still appeal to both casual and diehard fans. One of the things I’ve always did was try to reach out to others – whether that be an inspiring writer, graphic designer or start up company.

I first noticed Irish Biltong last year when they showed up on the Irish version of Dragon’s Den – I loved the product and I loved the attitude from the company. In my head I already wanted to reach out to the company and speak with them. In my ignorance I wanted to utilize the hashtag #JerkyYIRMA…. (I was soon put straight on that!)

I contacted the company – sent an email and before long I was having a call with Noreen Doyle, CEO for the Irish Biltong Company. It’s funny how 1 conversation can shape something much longer lasting. 1 year later and I talk to Noreen every week, we’ve given away a lot of Irish Biltong to FantasyYIRMA competition winners and I can honestly say I’ve seldom met someone who I’ve developed such a strong level of respect.

Noreen is a fighter, a winner, someone that takes what life throws at her and throws it back. She is impressive, strong, determined and will make Irish Biltong into whatever she wants it to be because of the commitment and work ethic she displays into building a brand.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Irish Biltong journey grow and continue to grow. It’s a fantastic product, high quality and one that I am happy to work with when it comes to FantasyYIRMA.

I am well aware that the initial contact may have been as a bit of a giggle- but I’ve gained a corporate partner, a friend and a shed load of Biltong.

If you don’t know Noreen and the Irish Biltong company – make a point of reaching out.

Moving forward I will be happy to continue working with the company whether that be with FantasyYIRMA, Larne FC or whatever direction this weird and wonderful world of Fantasy Football takes me.

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