Since 2007 more than 2500 people have had a go on YIRMA.

The NIFFTY LEAGUE (Northern Ireland Fantasy Football Through Yirma) started in January 2012 as an invitational Head to Head version of the main game.

Reset and raring to go for the new season NIFFTY is back!

Capped this year at 38 people we have a great mixture of Northern Ireland legends, current Internationals, local radio personalities and the 20th most influencial man in Northern Ireland…

We feel the NIFFTY League has an impressive line up!!  Keith Gillespie, Warren Feeney, Grant McCann and Michael O’Connor have almost 200 International Caps for Northern Ireland and much is expected of their teams!

Alan Simpson Vs Stephen Clements is the NI radio grudge match – battle of the airwaves!! I imagine a forfeit for the loser of this pairing could be quite entertaining….

With several fantasy football enthusiasts and of course the Fantasy Yirma Admin team of @ryano83 @mark_jones86 and @pedro_lamb this league promises to throw up some good matches and produce some questionable banter on twitter.

Gameweek 8



Norfolk & Hope Again v Jamrock Rovers
The MLN’s v FC Bull Mtn.
Supreme Dream v Werder Beertent?
Ninja Kagawa v Boo Boys
TheNo1Gaz v Wilkos newco
Leave my arse alona v Nico’s Newbies
Fall road hallions v @liambo9
Luca’s Legends v @ourweecountry
AP’s Bitter Revenge v Haven’t Got a Kalou
Cricklewood NW2 v O’Lynn rigs this FC
Lamb County v #FPL Tips & Advice
PortMagic v Shin Pad Feeno
SRC1712 v Philacio’s Delight
Carlsberg 11 v Not A Chance
Team Webb v Summer’s Shooters
Phil Dowd’s Shroud v TIPPY
Kagawa Allstars v Bliff City
Yanchester UNited v Sandy row yup yup 11
CanIgetawhoopwhoop! v hotspurs

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