Written by @NiallHawthorne

This week my Bench Boost chip was saved/justified and my work mini-league all but secured (if you’re reading this CD, then I stand by my claim) by Connor Roberts scoring his first ever goal for Burnley, keeping a clean sheet and getting 3 BPS on Thursday night.

And they say this game isn’t largely about luck? HAH!

Onto GW34!

GW34 Defender: Oleksander Zinchenko, Manchester City

Things to bear in mind here:

City have some defensive injury issues. Walker is very doubtful. Ake is a worry. Stones is a worry.

City play a European Cup semi-final against Real Madrid three days later, so is Pep going to risk any of the worries mentioned above?

City play Watford who are SH*TE. He could play his ballboys and they’d win this game. So he’s going to play Zinchenko, rest those who need it, easily pick up 3 points, and head into the Madrid game.

So therefore, Zinchenko is a lovely differential this week for you at 0.7% ownership.

GW34 Midfielder: Bukayo Saka, Arsenal

Two reasons for this choice.

Firstly, Arsenal showed real bottle and spirit against Chelsea, and scoring 4 at Stamford Bridge is not easy (well, it wasn’t until recently).

Secondly, Arsenal are playing Manchester United, who on form are the worst team in the division right now. No, sorry, England. No, sorry, THE WHOLE WORLD.

I could pick an XI of my mates right now, right now and would be confident we’d beat United.

Arsenal to score at least 3. Saka to be heavily involved. Plus, he’s on spotters too.

GW34 Forward: Timo Werner, Chelsea

This season and FPL forwards, eh? Nostradamus would have chucked in the towel by now.

With 5 rounds left, the top three form strikers in FPL are Werner, Pukki and Richarlison. Y’avin a laugh? F*ck me.

So, who to pick? Amazingly, I’m plumping for Werner because he’s the most in-form striker, he’s got two games, and both are against teams with problems.

West Ham have lost most of their defence to injury with Zouma, Diop and Ogbonna out. That’s very unfortunate really with a European semi-final coming up. You’d almost feel like kicking your cat if you were a Hammers fan. Oh, wait….

Also, Manchester United are Manchester United.

GW34 Captain: Mo Salah, Liverpool

Not even thinking about this. He’s back scoring with two against United, added an assist and Liverpool are playing a standard of football that I’ve never seen Liverpool play. Ever.

Everton are also absolute bobbins and managed by a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Liverpool could set records here, after a 5 day rest.

GW34 Outsider: Jack Harrison, Leeds United

1.6% ownership and after a brief perusal of his stats, he has 15 GOALS AND 11 ASSISTS since the start of last season????

How’d he keep that secret? Stone the crows!

Your move….


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