I type this with a stinker of a settling hangover after a big work event last night, so let’s just crack on, quietly….

Onto GW31! 

GW31 Defender: Reece James, Chelsea

Yeah, so Reece James is fit, apparently. Or not. I dunno. It hurts to blink. Chalobah is in good form in the last few weeks too, but will he start? Will James? Can I lie down now?

Chelsea are home to Brentford, so yeah, one of their defenders. Cool? Sound. 

GW31 Midfielder: Abdoulaye Doucoure, Everton

It took me three goes to spell his bloody name, and now my brain is rattling in my head. He plays twice, I think. Can anyone confirm if two still comes after one? I’m not sure anymore. Anyway, Claret and Hammers for Doucoure, which sounds shakingly familiar to last night for me. 


GW31 Forward: Teemu Pukki, Norwich

I’m going to level with you, the form guide has Pukki in the top 5 form forwards in the game right now. That could still be my addled mind playing with me, or it could be true. I dunno. But he has lovely green games coming as far as the eye can see, and has scored/assisted in three on the spin, so why not? Pukki party! 

Nope. Never having a party again. Ever. 

GW31 Captain: Mo Salah, Liverpool

Salah. At home. To Watford. 

This doesn’t take a great deal of thought, which is handy because I don’t have a great deal of thoughts.

GW31 Outsider: Connor Roberts, Burnley

Sean Dyche has had two weeks to plan for these two games, with (presumably) not many players away on international duty. He’ll have them primed, prepped and ready to lock City and Everton down.

Yes I know I’m talking bollox, but it’s the best I can do right now. 

Your move…I’m moving to a bed.


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