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We have now posted over 1500 articles on FantasyYIRMA.com since 2012. A fantastic achievement for the team. Consistently, our Gameweek preview has been one of our most popular articles.

Delighted to see this Preview from FY’s Legends @Mark_Jones86 (2012-2015)  @CraigHazell (2015-17) @FantasyGaffer (2017-18) and @NiallHawthorne (2018-Current) appear in numerous publications in multiple parts of the world.!! Newcomer  @JackAGoodwin managed to get through the recruitment process to become the Review writer on the basis of his lovely hair, because it sure as **** wasn’t his in-depth FPL knowledge.

In addition the blog has always kept the site open to let new writers have a platform to post content and have featured guest posts from more than 50 individuals.

Please find below the links to each of the Gameweek Previews we have provided from the beginning of the 2012/13 Season.

Many thanks for the continued interest and support of FY.

Ryan @FantasyYIRMA

2019/20 Season: Reviews by @JackAGoodwin

2019/20 Season: Previews by @NiallHawthorne

  • GW1 Preview:
  • GW2 Preview:
  • GW3 Preview:
  • GW4 Preview:
  • GW5 Preview:
  • GW6 Preview:
  • GW7 Preview:
  • GW8 Preview:
  • GW9 Preview:
  • GW10 Preview:

2018/19 Season: Previews by @NiallHawthorne

FourFourTwo: Weekly Column 2018/19 by @FantasyYIRMA

No Kane, No Lukaku, No Problems? Written by @JamesMartin013

Mini-series with James going the entire FPL season without bringing in either Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku…two players considered by many to be must-haves at the start of the 2017/18 campaign.

2017/18 Season: Previews by @FanasyGaffer

2016/17 Season: Reviews by @FuzzyWarbles

2016/17 Season: Previews by @CraigHazell


2015/16 Season: Reviews by @JohnOC1991

2015/16 Season: Previews by @CraigHazell

2014/15 Season: Previews by @Mark_Jones86

2013/14 Season: Previews by @Mark_Jones86

2012/13 Season: Previews by @Mark_Jones86


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