Arsenal’s Giroud can keep his place.. for now!

#FPL OCD – Gameweek 17 Review: I am now languishing at 52k

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This is a brutal season. I know it’s been going well for me, but dear me it can change quickly. 65 points, goals from all 3 of my strikers (including one as captain), 15 and 11 point hauls from two midfielders…and a huge red arrow. After sitting at 14k two weeks ago, I am now languishing at 52k. I said last week that I had been walking with the angels, now I am firmly back on the ground.


We are in a peculiar situation at the moment where points hauls can mean treading water. Others can explain it much better than me, but there is the issue of “effective ownership”, particularly in the top 50k. The ownership of some players is so high that, when allied with the captaincy, their ownership effectively exceeds 100%. This means that, if you have them but don’t captain them, their points will actually damage your rank. It has been the case in recent weeks with a couple of my players (Lukaku and Mahrez), but the real effect is shown when you do not even own them.


When the dust settles on this season, I am sure that I will still look back on my wildcard as my worst ever FPL decision. I have been one step behind ever since, and Vardy continues to score well, with his astonishing ownership knocking my standing. However, the real problem over the last few weeks has been one Odion Ighalo. Ighalo is scoring huge points, and it is punishing me, it is punishing me big time. With his ownership so high, a 13 point haul leaves me swimming against the tide, and the odd goal here or there is not enough to bring me to the shore. The points of Ozil and Mahrez have almost become moot, they serve only to preserve one’s ranking, and while I captained Lukaku, his points were not enough to make any headway. Oh yes, Lukaku. I mentioned last week that my 50/50 was Lukaku v Mahrez and that, yet again, I expected to get it wrong. Well yes, of course I did, let’s leave that to one side.


As well as another misjudged 50/50, I benched Nyom again. I should have learned my lesson, but Moreno and Dawson’s fixtures were too enticing. Even as an Everton fan, watching Watford vs Liverpool proved rather painful for a multitude of reasons. De Gea, Moreno and Dawson romped home with a comprehensive 3 points, and down I dropped, sinking to the seabed, with Alderweireld desperately trying to inflate the life jacket.


What to do now? To be honest, I am at a bit of a loss. As with last season, I can feel my year slipping away over Christmas, and I am not entirely sure how to correct it. Before Monday night I was set on Coutinho and Giroud out for Ramsey and Ighalo. It is the sensible move – admit defeat, bring in Ighalo, and don’t suffer when he inevitably scores well again. However, Giroud scored, and Sanchez’s return has been delayed – enhancing Giroud’s chances of maintaining his starting berth. The issue that this gives me is that, with Bellerin, Ozil and Giroud, I cannot fit in another Arsenal player. Aside from Ramsey and Walcott, I can see few replacements for Coutinho.


Not wanting to waste 1 of my 2 free transfers, I may go ahead and give myself a huge benching headache by bringing Dele Alli in for Gosling. All-out attack is an option I am considering, but my defence is strong. There is a danger I will be sat here next time lamenting my benching decisions yet again, but the game is easy in hindsight. I have to just keep swimming, keep staying afloat, and hope that the tide will soon turn.


Written by @JohnOC1991


John went to University, finished his degree, and got a good job in the City of London. He is now in the process of throwing it all away in favour of FPL, a game with no notable rewards for success. He firmly believes this to be the correct decision.

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