Chelsea’s Eden Hazard And The 5 Players You MUST Pick This Week

Gameweek 16

DEFENDER: Anthony Reveillere – £4.5m (Home v West Ham)

Ever since he came into the team in November, the veteran former France international Anthony Reveillere has only been on a losing Sunderland side once – and that was to a Sergio Aguero-inspired Manchester City.

The 35-year-old has quietly done a good job as he’s played the full 90 minutes in each of the previous six games, helping to keep clean sheets in three of the last four. It’s a bit of a left-field choice (unless you’re one of the 0.1% of bosses who owns him) but he could be a useful addition.


MIDFIELDER: Aaron Ramsey – £8.7m (Home v Newcastle)

He’s no longer a must pick for your side, but with a goal and an assist in his last two league games – and Champions League heroics that I SWEAR happened before we decided to recommend him – there are at least some signs that Arsenal’s Welshman Aaron Ramsey is finding some form.

His strike in the defeat against Stoke was his first since scoring in the first two games of the season, and Ramsey will again be looking to get on the front foot at home to Newcastle in a match that Arsene Wenger really dare not lose.


FORWARD: Romelu Lukaku – £9.0m (Home v QPR)

What’s that? You’ve got some Aguero money burning a hole in your back pocket? Well sending some of it in the direction of Everton’s Romelu Lukaku might be the right thing to do.

You’ll have to wait until Monday night to see if your move has paid off, but with QPR proving about as useful on the road as a clapped out old Renault in the hands of a learner driver, they aren’t likely to relish the trip to Goodison Park. Lukaku could take advantage of that.


THE OUTSIDER: Christian Benteke – £7.9m (Away v West Brom)

Injury ensures that only 1.1% of Fantasy bosses own Christian Benteke at the moment, but after Aston Villa earned back-to-back wins over Crystal Palace and Leicester – matches in which he registered a goal and an assist – then that number only looks like going up.

Outstanding on his day, Benteke might actually be playing for a move away from Villa over the next few weeks, and he could make you some points as he does so.


THE CAPTAIN: Eden Hazard – £10.4m (Home v Hull)

Okay, bear with me, but has Diego Costa started looking a little tired in recent matches?

With Cesc Fabregas suspended for Chelsea’s home clash with Hull, then a lot of the creative burden will be thrust upon Eden Hazard, and points for goals and assists could flow.




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