Fantasy Premier League: FY Update for the 2018/19 Season

Ok folks..

the Premier League season is currently 11 days away and closing in fast. What that actually means is that I am about 12 days away from using my first Fantasy Football Wildcard and swearing profusely about player performance and my poor selection choices!

I wanted to share with you all a few updates prior to the start of the season. has now provided 228 consecutive FPL gameweek previews over the past 6 seasons – I’d genuinely like to express my thanks to everyone who has read, responded and got involved over the years.

I still get a kick out of this and it’s a testament to the community that we all engage in that keeps people involved and interested. You can take a walk down memory lane with our archive page and see GW previews all the way back to 2012-13 season! FY Archive

When we started there were a handful of people in this FPL bubble and that has evolved into 100s of resources and quite literally 1000s of accounts dedicated to talking all things fantasy. Again the evolution of the community is amazing.

Support others – drop a Retweet, share content and again, get involved – everyone is entitled to an opinion!

Ryan @FantasyYIRMA

Firstly – the FantasyYIRMA mini-league is back up and running – free to enter and of course everyone is welcome to join. Typically we offer up £100 to the overall league winner and there was in excess of 12,000 entries last season.

Fun fact – I believe FY was actually one of the first public twitter leagues to offer up a cash prize via twitter (Could 100% be wrong but approx 76% of online facts are made up)

We will once again team up with the great team from @IrishBiltong for regular Prize giveaways also!

You can join the Mini-League here – Auto Join Link

Secondly – and as we enter into our 7th season providing FPL coverage we’ve mixed up the writing team. Site regular Mr. @NiallHawthorne is promoted from the gameweek review to the gameweek preview and will be bringing his own unique style to the site.

I had a lot of love for his gameweek review series last season and am looking forward to seeing how he inevitably incorporates Donald Trump into his preview each week.

Drop him a follow on twitter also.


Thirdly – You may have noticed that last season I got a lot more involved in the podcast side of things. It’s been great fun to join up with John and MikeP as we’ve started to build out the Bang Average Podcast.

Moving forward to the new season the plan will be that there will be a weekly Premier League Fantasy Podcast focusing in on both FPL and draft formats and covering off the main fantasy talking points of the week.

I really want the podcast to be used and utilised as a vehicle for audience engagement – If you have a fantasy question send it in. If there’s a topic you want discussed – let me know. If you want me to read out a happy birthday message to your pet rabbit called Dave – send it in also. I tend to take a Ron Burgandy approach to the podcast so typically if you write it – I will read it.

You can find the most recent episode below where we talk about the fact that PlayTogga has announced it will not be available for the 2018/19 season and the repercussions that brings.

(We also take the proverbial out of MikeP’s ridiculous moustache so it’s not a completely depressing episode!)


Fourthly – I am incredibly pleased to feature on FourFourTwo again this season where the guys have let me come back with a Bargain series looking at 5 potential bargains for each position in FPL. The first part of the trilogy is already on the site looking at budget defenders with Midfielders and Forwards to follow later this week.

By no means am I advocating that you load up on all cheap defenders but if you need to balance the books I think one or possibly two of these could provide a bit of cost savings to enable money to be spent elsewhere.

Fifthly – Many of you may have seen or purchased John @FantasyGaffer‘s FPL draft guide in previous seasons.

It is back for a fourth summer, with all the insight and analysis you need to help win a draft league, even if it’s your first year.

To get you ready for victory, the Guide has compiled the 2018-19 FPL Draft Guide which includes position ranks:
  • Top 20 GK
  • Top 50 MID
  • Top 60 DEF
  • Top 40 FWD
Plus an overall Top 150 Cheat Sheet to use during your draft.
I’ve written a foreward for the guide but the real value comes from John, Mike and Chuck Booth who all know their onions when it comes to the draft format.
This Guide is printer friendly and available for purchase now. You can click on the picture below for more details.
FINALLY – Thanks again to everyone who has followed, engaged and supported the site over the years. Always appreciated.
Roll on 2018/19… 🙂
Ryan started FantasyYIRMA in 2012, focusing on FPL news and previews.

After consecutive coverage across 228 gameweeks, he is confident he could have been well on his way to becoming a qualified astronaut had the time been spent more productively.


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