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In addition to our own mini-league we realise there are lots of great Fantasy games out there for you join also.

Check out  who run their own game fantasy game and prediction game also! Full details below..




FanXT brings to fans the latest fantasy installment of the Premier League


Yes, you read that right – the wait is finally over. Fans of EPL can now begin to start or join fantasy leagues with Fantasy English Premiership and Prediction Game 2013/14 (


For the uninitiated, Fantasy English Premiership is a free-to-play football game that enhances EPL fans’ experience of the Premier League. It offers users (called ‘fantasy managers’) a starting budget of $130 million to create their own virtual football team. Fantasy managers can buy star players like Luis Suarez     (Liverpool), Gareth Bale (Tottenham), Robin Van Persie (Manchester United) and more from the top twenty clubs in England. As they climb up the ranks and earn medals, top managers will compete to accomplish the coveted rank of the Legendary Fantasy English Premiership Manager – the game’s highest honour.




Some of the highlights of this fantasy football game are:

  • Detailed player graph analysis of players
  • Earning experience points as games progress
  • Ability to compete with other private leagues
  • Invite friends to join via Facebook


The Fantasy English Premiership and Prediction Game also gives Premier League fans the chance to predict match scores. The best part: fans from around the world can play the game which is available in four languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish.


With the league kick-off just around the corner, fantasy managers had better be on their toes to manage their teams and leagues so that they are well prepared to welcome the 2013/14 season of Fantasy English Premiership.


For more information, visit or contact FanXT at


About FanXT [ /]
FanXT / Fantasy4All is an award-wining global fantasy sports provider that offers games like fantasy football, Formula 1 and more. Its multi-platform and multi-language fantasy sport games are available for Web, Facebook, iPhone, Android, WAP, and soon Smart TV. FanXT is part of the GIST Initiative programme, supported by the U.S. Department of State.

Fantasy Premier League: Scouting for the next Michu! have brought you a range of articles from some of the best players in the game from last season as we try to delve into the mindset of the top guys to help you with your own FPL teams.

Today is no exception. @JulianZip  finished 6th Globally after a fantastic season where he led the way overall on several occasions!

Many Thanks to Julian for his exclusive piece for FY.

It Starts…

In many ways, you could argue that the teams we pick between now and the start of the FPL season, will determine a lot about how the whole season will pan out for us. Yes, we get wildcards to ‘correct’ what we’ve done on a couple of occasions during the season, but the rest of the time we are shuffling one – or a few – transfers at a time, to get to the ideal team we want…which if you are anything like me, always remains a few weeks away.

Is it Wild to use a Wildcard?

What I believe also proves the importance of our starting teams, is a quick look at the FPL managers at the top last year. The majority of them were high in the overall rankings quite quickly…they had solid teams right from the outset. Where they appeared to believe that  they didn’t, for example the overall winner Matt and also the third place getter, wildcards were used almost immediately in week 2! So I think it is fair to suggest that your position after say the first ten weeks of the season is tougher to improve substantially, than it is to try to maintain a positive start….that’s been my experience, anyway.

Is Wilfried Bony the next Michu?

Having said that, creating our initial team involves possibly the most difficult decisions of all. Once the season proper is underway, we can look at stats and the performances of teams and individuals until we’re blue in the face. Until then though, there are a lot of variables to consider, and we have only limited (and often unreliable) evidence upon which to make our predictions. For two examples of this, think about new players and new managers:


New players are a gamble which can go either way. Where they are joining from different leagues altogether, we really are comparing apples and oranges. For example, Wilfried Bony scored more than a goal a game for Vitesse in the Eredivisie last season, but there aren’t many examples to compare him with to work out how likely it is that this will translate into immediate EPL success. Looking at the last few seasons of top 5 scorers in Holland, Suarez at Ajax is the standout example where it did work (though even he took some time to warm into it) but when I look further, I can’t see too many others. It is also of course, context specific; we need to judge them not only on their own merits, but on the existing squad options they are joining, playing style and all-important fixtures. Michu’s translation of goals from Vallecano in Spain to instant goals at Swansea is an example of where successful transition did happen quickly and spectacularly…but you had to take a bit of a leap of faith to have him before his first game last year which delivered 18 points. If you can manage to pick one or two ‘2012 Michu’s’ in your team now, you’re obviously going to have a head start on many others and be doing really well.

The alternative is to stick with what and who you know. But, even players who are proven EPL performers can become a whole different ballgame when they move clubs within the league! Look at Dempsey going from Fulham to Tottenham last season…his scoring, and FPL productivity took a pretty big swing. He scored only 2 goals in the first 15 games last year, compared to the end of the year before, when he was a ‘must-have’. The role that new players take in a team is something we can only look at the pre-season to get any evidence for…and those games are usually pretty experimental.

To confuse the issue even more, even players who stay at the same team who have had an outstanding season (and ended the previous season in form) aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be good choices…look at David Silva, Nani and Papiss Cisse last year for three examples of that. Despite them though, I still think sticking at the start of the year with a core of proven FPL performers is the way to go.

New Starts: Mourinho vs Moyes vs Pellegrini

The effect of new managers is a particularly relevant variable this season. The way a team plays i.e. formation; who the favoured ‘nailed-on’ players are; or how heavily rotation is used, obviously have a huge effect on player FPL reliability. Will Mourinho apply his (some would say sometimes ugly) Inter Milan approach, or the more free scoring Real Madrid approach (103 goals in 38 La Liga games!)?. He no doubt relies on his personnel to decide, and looking at Chelsea’s riches in the attacking midfield, it’s hopefully the latter…but we don’t know that yet – the guy is an enigma, to put it nicely. Presumably Moyes will in some ways apply a ‘it ain’t broke so don’t fix it too much’ principle, but at the same time, he’ll want to stamp his own mark on Man United. The team that I am most interested in seeing in an FPL sense though this year is Man City. Last season, I mostly steered clear of Mancini and his heavy rotation ways (never forgave him for taking Micah Richards off in the 59th minute during a clean sheet), but if Pellegrini is being straight with us when he promises an attacking style and more time in the oppositions half, then coupled with the removal of the Balotelli and Tevez options, one or two of the City attacking players might well get off to a lightening start and have consistent seasons.


FPL players who have been around a while will know that having a good year also relies on  being able to pick a few surprise packets. I believe this is particularly true of budget defensive options. You probably did really well last year if you managed to foresee that you’d get double figure clean sheets from a few cheap Norwich or West Ham defenders. Stoke historically seem to provide a somewhat reliable option in this regard, but there again is the managerial change variable….they’ve just employed a former striker for the top job!

So when it comes to preseason, the more you think about it, the more you are probably left with questions rather than answers. Personally, I’ll be doing my best to make sure that I have a team with a solid base of proven FPL performers, with a couple of gambles – most likely on one or two from the promoted teams, or if I can be convinced the new EPL arrivals from abroad. Most importantly, I’m going to try to have a team full of people consistently playing as close to 90 minutes as possible. Toward the end of last year, when transfers were a valuable commodity, I found myself stuck with the likes of Harte and Marveaux, which is something that this year I’m keen to avoid.

Best of luck fellow addicts!


I did it just looking at stats heaps, match reports, highlights, and FPL websites – @JulianZip

About the Author

Julian led the way in FPL last year including a 5 week consecutive run at #1 towards the end of the season!…Being from Australia and not getting to see as much of the Premier League as he’d like makes this even more impressive!!

Such is the feat of his achievement Julian actually featured in the National Press Down Under

Julian epitomizes the stat based approach to the game, a great guy to interact with on twitter – make sure and drop a follow to @JulianZip .

Truly impressive guy – Best of luck this season from all at #FY

The Mini-League is now open for new entries – Click the Logo below for more information on how to join and read about our increased prize pot of £100 for the winner!!

FY logo paint2

Fantasy Premier League RETURNS!!

My phone started to buzz like crazy this afternoon in the car… My Mrs said Ohh Mr. Popular today?

I checked the phone and a wide grin sprung immediately to my face.

The Fantasy Premier League had launched this afternoon.

She looked at me , then paused, then said …

“You have got to be &£%$ING kidding me… Well you will still have to go to B&Q on Sunday

Long Story short, I am delighted to see the return of FPL – Mrs isn’t .

With the league reopening today will be taking a deeper look over the coming weeks at Player selection, one’s to watch, strategy articles, Bargain options and FPL advice. One of the first things that jumped out at us immediately is the change (again) to the Bonus Point system.

“new Bonus Points System (BPS) that has been created exclusively for Fantasy Premier League and makes its debut in this season’s game.

Utilising a range of statistics to create a BPS score for every player, the system is designed to reward contributions of players that may not necessarily earn traditional fantasy points, rather than re-reward players that already score handsomely against the current scoring criteria.”

You can read the full introduction to the new Bonus System here .

While we have yet to see this in action (There is a nice example using the WBA 5-5 ManUtd game) – the new Bonus System is something I wholeheartedly support and agree with – The previous system was flawed in my opinion however it is a very difficult measurement to get correct because of the number of variables and the concept of individual opinion on any one game.

Another link to check out is the full player listing for the FPL which you can check out here

To save you some time, Gareth Bale is 12M!

Quite possibly the most beautiful yet frightening set of figures I’ve ever seen, given that I know the next 33 days will be spent analyzing them!

It is brilliant to have the FPL back, please keep up to date with us Via twitter @FantasyYIRMA and of course here on the site.

Click the picture below to join the Mini-League which has a £100 First place prize this year!



Five simple ways to win your FPL Mini League


Five simple ways to win your FPL Mini League

There’s nothing better than beating your friends at fantasy football and Matthew Glazier of offers some straightforward advice to ensure the bragging rights

I’m no different to most of you reading this.

I go to bed every evening thinking about which players in the “Get It Ready” squad are underperforming. I log into my FPL account every morning to see if my team value has risen or gone down after the price changes. I spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons refreshing the points page and checking to see how my rivals are faring.

Having been playing FPL for a couple of seasons, I think I’ve cracked a way of beating friends and work colleagues, even if the top players are still streets ahead of where I want to be. Here are five useful pointers which can help you win your personal Mini League.


1)    Make your transfers early

This is a contentious one but it’s worked well for me so far. The only reason to make transfers on a Friday evening / Saturday morning is because you’re waiting on injury news. However, Juan Mata, Frank Lampard or Demba Ba might have risen in price several times after last weekend’s bonus point performance – it usually pays to get the changes made quickly and boost your overall squad value.

2)    Stick to your guns after a slow start

It’s all too easy to chop and change if one of your strikers doesn’t score for a game or two. The same applies to midfielders who are scoring two points every week but, providing there was a strong basis for why you picked the player, sticking to your guns often pays off. Robin van Persie last season was a classic example as the Dutchman started to find real scoring form after a few weeks. The same has applied to Gareth Bale this term.

3)    Keep a note of the Premier League fixtures

I don’t have an algorithm which works out which teams have the easiest upcoming fixtures. However, simply inputting the next six weeks’ worth of fixtures into a spreadsheet and marking the home / away matches will give you a useful overview of what’s on the horizon. I often make a few short notes, eg Manchester United have four of their next six matches at home.

4)    Hey! You’ve got to hide your points away

You’ve worked hard to get points on the board so think carefully about those four-point deductions because you’re convinced that Steven Gerrard is going to score a hat-trick in the Merseyside derby. OK, so if your squad is decimated by injury, there might be a case for taking a hit but it usually pays to be patient before making your next transfer.

5)    Don’t pin your hopes on a DGW

There are 38 Game Weeks during the season and winning your Mini League isn’t about trying to smash it when two teams are playing twice in a week. For a start, they are facing each other in one of those games which negates their potential points-scoring impact.  Secondly, you can be stuck with players that you don’t want in the long-term.

About the Author:

Matthew Glazier is a self-confessed fantasy football geek who runs and finished 3,794th in the FPL overall standings last season. He’s currently 27,446th this time around. is the number one source for sports betting tips, breaking news and expert views. With the help of  exclusive promotions and a team of experts, their members remain one step ahead of all the leading bookmakers.


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