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Fantasy Premier League RETURNS!!

My phone started to buzz like crazy this afternoon in the car… My Mrs said Ohh Mr. Popular today?

I checked the phone and a wide grin sprung immediately to my face.

The Fantasy Premier League had launched this afternoon.

She looked at me , then paused, then said …

“You have got to be &£%$ING kidding me… Well you will still have to go to B&Q on Sunday

Long Story short, I am delighted to see the return of FPL – Mrs isn’t .

With the league reopening today will be taking a deeper look over the coming weeks at Player selection, one’s to watch, strategy articles, Bargain options and FPL advice. One of the first things that jumped out at us immediately is the change (again) to the Bonus Point system.

“new Bonus Points System (BPS) that has been created exclusively for Fantasy Premier League and makes its debut in this season’s game.

Utilising a range of statistics to create a BPS score for every player, the system is designed to reward contributions of players that may not necessarily earn traditional fantasy points, rather than re-reward players that already score handsomely against the current scoring criteria.”

You can read the full introduction to the new Bonus System here .

While we have yet to see this in action (There is a nice example using the WBA 5-5 ManUtd game) – the new Bonus System is something I wholeheartedly support and agree with – The previous system was flawed in my opinion however it is a very difficult measurement to get correct because of the number of variables and the concept of individual opinion on any one game.

Another link to check out is the full player listing for the FPL which you can check out here

To save you some time, Gareth Bale is 12M!

Quite possibly the most beautiful yet frightening set of figures I’ve ever seen, given that I know the next 33 days will be spent analyzing them!

It is brilliant to have the FPL back, please keep up to date with us Via twitter @FantasyYIRMA and of course here on the site.

Click the picture below to join the Mini-League which has a £100 First place prize this year!



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