Everton’s Ross Barkley Provides the Blues

#FPL OCD – Gameweek 24 Review: that Groundhog Day feeling returns..

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There are few more sinking feelings in FPL than checking your score, following what you believed was a good week, and finding out that you are sorely mistaken. When Alli scored immediately on Tuesday evening, followed quickly by an Aguero (C) goal, then an Alli and Kane combination, it was all set to be a fantastic week. A Mahrez assist, followed by a late 2nd for Kane, and Alderweireld and Bellerin clean sheets – wonderful stuff. 60 points, with Lukaku still to play – an excellent score in anyone’s book. Right?


Wrong. How the bloody hell did I, with 4 goals, including one for my captain, 2 assists, and 2 clean sheets, conspire to drop 8,000 bleedin’ places this week!? I mean, ok, Lukaku failed, but his ownership is huge, that shouldn’t be catastrophic. Hell, I even got clean sheet points from Ozil and Payet! It felt like a good week. Maybe not the fantastic week that it was shaping up to be, but certainly good. Average? No chance. Below average? You must be crazy. A significant red arrow? I’m calling the authorities. It all just felt like it was going swimmingly. I mean, when I am evidently failing, the drop comes as no surprise, but 61 points?

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I was left in that horrible mood on Wednesday evening, as Ross Barkley scored 2 late penalties to secure an Everton victory. Yes, excellent, that game is wrapped up, Everton aren’t throwing away yet another victory. That is good, that is great, that is what I want…but there it was. I can’t deny it, I can’t lie to you, my beloved reader. It was there, that demon on the shoulder, that thought, that unavoidable voice in my ear. It was there, lingering in my mind. From an FPL perspective, that is bad. I mean, yes, I am an Everton fan first and foremost, so fantastic…but…that is really bad. I mean, one 90th minute goal – that’ll do Ross. Even we, the Kings of letting go of games that are in the bag, could not concede 2 in injury time to Newcastle. One is enough Ross, that’s fine, everyone wins. But two? You’re pushing it a bit mate.


So there I was, foolishly celebrating my success before the finish line, unaware that failure was creeping behind me to overtake on the home straight. Yet again, that Groundhog Day feeling returns. I had climbed back to 25k, and even up to 23k on Tuesday night, just to fall back down to 33k. Even when I feel like I am maintaining my good form, I am pulled back a couple of steps. My plan for this week? With both changing in price, I have already pulled the trigger on Lukaku to Vardy. It is, again, a move that could backfire, but with Lukaku having a dip in form, having picked up a knock on Wednesday, and having a blank GW27, this feels like the right time. This season has been all about form over fixtures, and I have to back it. The captaincy will be a huge call, and I think I am going for Harry Kane. Swerving away from Aguero is always a massive gamble, but, with the respective fixtures, it again feels like the right time.


Now, we are entering the crunch phase. These next few weeks are the deciders, the point that we veterans have been waiting for all season. For 24 game weeks, we have tried to be patient, believing that when the blanks and double game weeks kick in, the cream will rise. Now, we are at that point. Over the next couple of weeks, the chaos will begin, and we will have to back ourselves, knowing that our experience and planning will set us apart. Game week 27 is a tricky one, but at this stage, game week 30 looks to be the killer. We could, potentially, have half of the teams out of action – that is going to be very, very difficult. This, of course, would open up the possibility for at least one huge double game week. For those who have used their wildcard and chips, that will be extremely problematic, and the contrasting tools to navigate that situation will be our last chance saloon.

Written by @JohnOC1991


John went to University, finished his degree, and got a good job in the City of London. He is now in the process of throwing it all away in favour of FPL, a game with no notable rewards for success. He firmly believes this to be the correct decision.

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