Spurs, West Ham and Palace picks in London Love In!!


Written by @CraigHazell – (that’s important!)


DEFENDER: Ben Davies, Spurs

It’s been a while since I picked Spurs defender and I think now could be the time to dip back into the Tottenham market. Ben Davies is filling in for Danny Rose at full back and as we know, reliable replacements can be a great money saver, especially if you’re bolstering your attack for the run in. Davies is only 4.7m and while he isn’t quite as well known as Rose, he is still a very good defender going forward. Saints isn’t the easiest of prospects, not least with Gabbiadini finding the Premier League so easy, but I think Spurs will have a little too much for them. If you can buy a clean sheet for 4.7m then that’s a pretty good deal.


MIDFIELDER: ZAHA, Crystal Palace

Palace have had a 2 game renaissance, if that counts as a renaissance. I mean I don’t know enough about what a renaissance really is historically to make that decision but they’ve been better haven’t they? Some people put it down to Sakho signing, some put it down to Big Sam Allardyce finally making his mark and my mate Tom puts it down to him going to the Boro game and getting drunk on New Amsterdam vodka with Doc Brown. I think that a rejuvenated Townsend and Zaha have played a big part. Wilf Zaha ranks top 5 in Europe for attempts to beat a man, which is a weird stat isn’t it? It’s like knowing how many times an assassin loaded his gun. We don’t care, just shoot more! That said, I do fancy either of these two at home to Watford for both a clean sheet and hopefully a goal or assist. Neck on the line, Im going with Zaha.


FORWARD: Jermain Defoe, Sunderland

Jermain Defoe was called up to England squad this week and deservedly so! Let’s not get too carried away though. It’s the equivalent of celebrating not being picked last in P.E. when you’re in a class with a goth and an agoraphobic. However, it is encouraging that perhaps Southgate will be picking on form. And what a season Defoe has had! He has 7 goals this calendar year and is off the back of a great season last year too. The problem is, Sunderland look as good as down and if they can’t beat the worst away team in the league then they really are done. If Jermain wants to keep his cushy setup in the North East then they really have to win this weekend. While necessity doesn’t breed productivity, Defoe has dragged that team to 3 points in the past and I think it could be a hero or villain kind of week for Jermain. DeFriend or DeFoe if you will.


CAPTAIN: Romelu Lukaku, Everton

Who’s that guy? I wanna be him! Who’s that guy? Where did he come from?

These are lyrics from Grease 2. You probably knew that. They’re not about Romelu Lukaku but let’s be honest, they could have been. He’s just turned down a megadeal at Everton and who can blame him. the bright lights of Paris or Madrid must surely be calling and if he can put away a few more goals before it only increases the suitors for one of the most impressive 23 year olds in World football.

OUTSIDER: Lanzini, West Ham

The moment Leicester incredibly progressed in the Champion League, I started to look at West Ham players for this week. The likes of Swansea and Hull will be delighted the Foxes got through and astonishingly, it really could relegate them. If you believe in a Champions League hangover, and I do, then you’ll agree that lifting themselves for a fight against West Ham could be a tough task for Leicester. If you’re looking for a striker, I’d consider Andy Carroll, or if you want a more certain 90 minutes than Lanzini is a great shout at 2.6% particularly with Snodgrass likely out. He hasn’t has an amazing season but this game is a chance for him to tip over 100 points for the season and he’s a solid 5th midfielder if you’ve just promoted Josh King from the bench after last weeks tip and heroics.


Craig Hazell is a television professional, writer and Heart of Midlothian fan who makes up one third of the popular FPL podcast The Gaffer Tapes. As a student, Craig won the BBC Sports Broadcaster and Comedy Broadcaster of the year, before going onto to be a regular on the London open mic comedy circuit. He now writes about anything from TV & Movies, to food and of course football, providing he can shoehorn a 90s pop culture reference into just about anything.

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