Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud with Goal of the Season Contender


Written by @FantasyYIRMA

Welcome to 2017 folks… it’s a brave new world. Donald Trump will be US President by the end of the month, Tesco’s have Creme Eggs on display as we prepare for Easter, and a potentially more unbelievable event – Younes Kaboul has scored in EVERY match he’s played in in 2017.. Check the Stats if you don’t believe me (2017 Played 1/Scored 1)

In addition, having been off work for a few weeks I also have next to no clue what actual day of the week it is. What I do know is that with regular preview writer @CraigHazell out of the country (again) I’ve been left to write my own Preview?! Ridiculous!? 🙂

So enjoy…’s 172nd Gameweek Preview has actually been written by myself @FantasyYIRMA




Your friend, my friend, George Friend.

George has a lot going for him. Sub £4.5m, 2 Assists already this season 3 home fixtures in his next 4 league games.

Let’s face it – Is he going to score a hat trick – No. However, Boro are actually fairly decent at the back this season, it’s been their ability to score which has hampered them. To put it into perspective

Goals Conceded

  • Manchester City: 21
  • Liverpool: 21
  • Arsenal: 19
  • Middlesbrough: 22

And let’s be brutally honest – Everyone is probably trying to scrape together enough funds to bring a certain Argentine back into their squad. A £4.4m defender could help with that.

Oh… and he has lovely hair.


MIDFIELDER: Dele Alli, Tottenham

You have no idea how much I wanted to pick Flamini here…

Last season Dele Alli burst onto the scene and from early on we had a genuine gem available for our fantasy team at a budget price. This season was always going to be tougher for Alli, such was the weight of expectation following an excellent breakthrough. This same expectation was vividly on display when the FPL powers that be ramped his price up from £5.9m in 2015/16 to £8.5m at the start of 2016/17.

Now priced at £8.2m and 7.3% owned, he offers a great alternative to Eriksen (£8.6m and double the ownership at 14.8% owned)

It’s a tough match with Chelsea next for Spurs however with 5 league goals in his previous 3 matches he is clearly on form and with Spurs having WBA, Sunderland and Boro in their next 5 he could be a keeper for the upcoming month. (No not a goalkeeper)


FORWARD: Olivier Giroud, Arsenal

Arsenal are playing Bournemouth who have once again given a decent account of themselves this season in the Premier League. Eddie Howe has earned the plaudits coming his way and you only have to look at the Bournemouth bench in GW19 to see how far he has brought this squad with players like Wilson, Mings, not making the first team. In addition, Max Gradel is Fantastic in FIFA17 and wasn’t even in the squad – and we all know that means he’s fantastic in real life also…Ohh and I did once score this beauty with Harry Arter apologies – I got sidetracked…


Now don’t get me wrong.. I love the big Frenchman, genuinely. The bearded beauty is an old style front man that probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his link up play. I like to think of Olivier Giroud as a sexy version of Niall Quinn and I challenge you to find another Fantasy Football website offering up this type of detailed analysis and insight into squad selection.

Regardless of if he was playing with a broken leg, against Premier League Select 11 or indeed the Harlem Globetrotters, Gorgeous George makes the GW20 preview based on the goal below. If you haven’t already watched it see below.. You are welcome.

CAPTAIN: Sergio Aguero, Manchester City

It’s highly likely that this will be the only time this season I will actually write the FY preview therefore I’m picking Aguero. Manchester City play Burnley at the Etihad Stadium. I’ll go a bit further and provide you with a stat to help justify my selection but know in your hearts and minds that it pains me to do so…

Burnley are good at home. Actually.. let me rephrase that.. Burnley are Champions League contenders at home so far this season. However take them away from their home comforts and they seem to fall apart, sitting rock bottom of the league based on away points this season.So there’s that.

In addition it is Sergio Aguero.


OUTSIDER: Mathieu Flamini, Crystal Palace

F*** it.. It’s my website, it’s my preview – I can pick who I want.

Mathieu Flamini is my outsider pick for GW20.

At 0.1% picked it’s as close to the ultimate differential as you can get. Palace play Swansea next who really look in trouble as we pass the halfway point of the season.

Looking ahead for the game Flamini was quoted this evening on the Palace website

“It’s an important game for us and a chance to get three points,” he said. “Today (Arsenal) we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but Swansea we have to come away with the three points.” Link

He’s up for the challenge and it looks like under Big Sam he’s going to get more game time.

I was asked recently on “Award Winning” Podcast – If you were an animal – what would you be and why??

I didn’t even blink – I’d be a French Pitbull in appreciation of the most underrated midfielder of a generation, Mr Mathieu Flamini.

You can listen to me wax lyrical about him here also – LINK

 I make no apologies for sounding like the drunken lovechild of Brendan Rogers and Roy Walker!



Ryan is FantasyYIRMA‘s CEO, Founder, Editor, Social Media, Marketing, Pot Noodle Communications, Chicken & Mushroom aficionado and Flamini Fan Club Founder.

He enjoys long walks across sunset industrial estates and spending a ridiculous, nay an inordinate amount of time online for next to no monetary gain.


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