Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud with Goal of the Season Contender

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Welcome to 2017 folks… it’s a brave new world. Donald Trump will be US President by the end of the month, Tesco’s have Creme Eggs on display as we prepare for Easter, and a potentially more unbelievable event – Younes Kaboul has scored in EVERY match he’s played in in 2017.. Check the Stats if you don’t believe me (2017 Played 1/Scored 1)

In addition, having been off work for a few weeks I also have next to no clue what actual day of the week it is. What I do know is that with regular preview writer @CraigHazell out of the country (again) I’ve been left to write my own Preview?! Ridiculous!? 🙂

So enjoy…’s 172nd Gameweek Preview has actually been written by myself @FantasyYIRMA




Your friend, my friend, George Friend.

George has a lot…

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