Could West Ham’s Payet be on his way out??

#FPL OCD – Gameweek 28 Review: We have come this far, it can’t all be for nothing.

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I knew it. I bloody knew it. I didn’t want to, I wanted to avoid it, to be happy with my steadying of the ship, with the gradual climb up the table, but I bloody knew it. This is a quote from last week’s article:

“After the pattern of this season, I cannot help but be cautious. Once again, after a drop, I have climbed back up to a good position from which to build. My fear is that, before the next blanks and double gameweeks, I could stutter once more, and be left floating in this 20-50k limbo eternally.”


34 points. Jack Butland’s heroics saved me from complete disaster, but what a midweek disappointment yet again. I feel fortunate, in fact, that the scores were so poor across the board, meaning that I only dropped 5,000 places. We have seen so many dreadful gameweeks this season, and this was another. Few clean sheets from highly owned defences, goals from unexpected sources, the big players not delivering. There were a number of captaincy options, and the only ones who really delivered anything were Mahrez and Sanchez, with an assist each. I went with Ozil, expecting Arsenal to put a few past Swansea, but in this strangest of seasons, it appears that nobody actually wants to win the title. 1 point between the top 4 must be something of a Premier League record, and it took its toll on our FPL teams.


It is now 2 months since I mentioned the FPL Groundhog Day feeling in this article. At that point I had just dropped to 34k, and was growing frustrated with the 1 step forward, 1 step back pattern into which I had fallen. 8 gameweeks later, and my current situation? A fall from 36k to 41k. It is hugely irritating when you realise that you may as well have just skipped months of FPL, as you have moved absolutely nowhere. I wrote a while ago that I was becoming Liverpool: on the edge of the top, but not quite being able to break into the upper echelons. In retrospect, I think I have actually become my own team, Everton. Flashes of inspiration, moments of great promise, a huge, unexpected score one week, only to be followed by an appalling performance the next. The potential is there, my team always looks in good shape, on paper everything is fine, but there is something that is not quite working. I am lacking something that is present in those at the top. Judging by my decision to play Bellerin, Fuchs and Van Dijk ahead of Daniels, it could well be a Roberto Martinez-esque inability to organise a defence.


Last week I was struggling with a big decision, a decision that transcended FPL and went straight to my core, a decision of risk vs safety, of dullard vs maverick. Well, I am pleased to say that my boring nature took hold. Selling Alli would not have been a bad move at all in hindsight, and Eriksen still looks threatening, but I went with the sensible option: Dawson to Daniels. In a bleak week, that was one shining light, a rare clean sheet, and a gain of 5 points. There was a minor hiccup – as my defence look so strong, I played Bellerin, Fuchs and Van Dijk, and I made Daniels my 3rd substitute alongside Alderweireld. Yes, my shrewd transfer served only to add to the frustration of my week. (Ed: It could always be worse buddy…)



The way the season has gone, it now becomes a real concern that the big turnaround will not materialise, that the year will simply peter out. I need to make up ground, and with my team fairly well set for the blanks, and with my wildcard intact, I can look to take a couple of risks. This week, I will be selling Bellerin and, almost certainly, Payet. My initial plan was to triple up on Manchester City, adding Kompany/Otamendi and Silva to Aguero, but their display against Liverpool only highlighted their recent struggles. Their next 2 fixtures, however, Aston Villa and Norwich, are very difficult to ignore. I think I will go for one City player, and one Swansea player, the Swans also having Villa and Norwich in the next 3. Williams and Silva? Otamendi/Kompany and Sigurdsson? I am not sure yet.

Would've / Could've / Should've

                                            Could it be time to say goodbye to Payet

Once again, we must just put this disappointment to one side and, like all good FPL players, simply look ahead. We have come this far, it can’t all be for nothing. We cannot turn back now, we are so close to the end. Take my hand, no man shall be left behind, we can do this, we can make it. We’ve all seen the films, we all know how it works: if you put the effort in, if you put 9 months of your life into something, you WILL reap the rewards. You have to, otherwise…what is the point? Can it be that all of the effort, all of the dedication, all of the knowledge, all of the work, has been for nothing other than a permanent Groundhog Day? It is too unbearable to imagine…

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Written by @JohnOC1991


John went to University, finished his degree, and got a good job in the City of London. He is now in the process of throwing it all away in favour of FPL, a game with no notable rewards for success. He firmly believes this to be the correct decision.

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