Did You Make the Next Round of the Cup?? PunditsCupYIRMA

Afternoon folks and welcome to the Knockout Rounds of the #PunditsCupYIRMA organised in Partnership with the good folks at @FFPundits



From now on fixtures for the Cup will ONLY be available from this website.

Many thanks to the good folk at FantasyFootballFix.com who have been kind enough to randomise and keep track of the fixtures for us also.

Check out their FREE #FPL app when you get a chance

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The official app for FantasyFootballFix.com, your essential tool to managing your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) squad by using predictive statistics and football algorithms.

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Dodgy Dazzlers LINK 42 Wudaokou LINK 42 Away
Wudaokou through on Goals scored 0-1
WhatSchlupp? LINK 37 Sophia’s Squad LINK 36 Home
Hazenfrog Ke Sepahe LINK 37 Izensen FC LINK 28 Home
Football NK LINK 56 ÏCatch Me If U Can” LINK 35 Home
branoyaFC LINK 50 Slipstream LINK 31 Home
The Street Elite LINK 51 Na Fir Bolg LINK 34 Home
Tank Grunge LINK 48 DhiSree XI LINK 37 Home
Yellow Gunners LINK 29 Gerrarahia LINK 32 Away
Lethal FC LINK 37 LSFR Arsenal LINK 32 Home
Kiroboto All Stars LINK 35 WorldStar United LINK 31 Home
Muller Reus LINK 39 ForceTheWayUp LINK 40 Away
786fc LINK 37 Aoytesarp FC LINK 39 Away
TDE LINK 20 Mahbubnagar united LINK 35 Away
ZvimaParrafin FC LINK 39 rED_kNIGHTS LINK 44 Away
Superjan&llorislane LINK 30 Queens Park Raisins LINK 44 Away
AMARIO cheetahs LINK 43 Crap team name LINK 39 Home
Mad Scientists FC LINK 46 FC Bolie LINK 30 Home
Ah Sure Look LINK 40 Leave My Arcelona LINK 58 Away
Vitalogy LINK 55 Misocity LINK 39 Home
Feeling Blue LINK 46 MePaap LINK 36 Home
Tough Tettey’s LINK 43 The Highbury Reds LINK 32 Home
SweatyMongoose FC LINK 30 FC-Gunnerz LINK 44 Away
El Ilusionista LINK 36 RIP A-team LINK 39 Away
Use The Forster LINK 28 thesharks22 LINK 37 Away
Opal Coast * LINK 29 Aurelius XI LINK 32 Away
The Addams Family LINK 37 Fleetwood Makelele LINK 36 Home
Sepp-tic Planks LINK 32 Come Afellay With Me LINK 36 Away
Panenka 4 Breakfast LINK 29 Ospi“a Colada LINK 29 Home
Panenka 4 Breakfast through on less goals conceded
The Matabees LINK 34 The Cong FC LINK 42 Away
Ridiculous Stupidity LINK 28 DUBLACTICOS LINK 24 Home
Seddon Snarfs LINK 39 Los Pollos Hermanos LINK 46 Away

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