Football Trader App: Fantasy Football meets Wall Street



Last month on FantasyYIRMA we announced the new Fantasy Football game from Football Trader is a new Fantasy Stock Market Game based on the English Premier League. The game has been running for 5 weeks and has 500 users from over 20 countries.

The creators of the game @realtime_sports  have just launched a new version of the game today, based on user feedback. The new version of the game is made for the web and is also now a Facebook App. We spoke to the Co-Founder, Sohail Godall, to find out more about the new version!

The creator of the game @realtime_sports had this to say about Football Trader:

FantasyYirma: So remind us again for those who don’t know what Football Trader is about.

Sohail: Sure, Football Trader is basically a new type of Fantasy Football game where you Buy & Sell shares in players on a live stock market. Unlike most fantasy football games, this is played in Real-time, meaning the price of players is changing constantly based on users trading on the market and also player performances. Every user starts with £100M budget and the goal of the game is to Grow the Value of your Players, and therefore your Team, as much as you can. You also get Match Dividend Bonus’s awarded right after matches, based on how players performed, which are sort of like how you would get Fantasy Points, but in cash!


FantasyYirma: So tell us a little about the Beta so far…

We made the first version mobile-first. We have had some great success, 500 users from over 20 countries so far in 5 weeks. However, we realised that the performance of the game on mobile was not great, it struggled on some browsers and 3G networks. Also, we were restricted on what changes we could make to the game. For this reason, we have just built a new Facebook web-version of the game which works much faster and cleaner! We still plan to make our mobile app’s for the new season as we see this as a mobile game.

FantasyYirma: Sounds good! And what new features can users expect from your new version of the game?

Well, the main bit is that it’s made for Facebook so it’s a lot more Social! You can invite friends to compete against and also brag about your Team Value. Beyond that though you can now follow other users and players like a Twitter feed, which gets included in your news feed. So you can now watch other users and see how they play the game. You can also comment on players and put your view of why their prices are changing. Lastly, all users start off as a Rookie Trader and need to work their way up as a Pro Trader for bragging rights. This will be the start of making the game much more Social we hope.





The Beta game is now open Live for users to play till the end of the season at



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