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No doubt similar to yourself, at we are massive fans of fantasy football and look forward to the highs and lows that playing Fantasy Premier League brings every week. The next gameweek can take forever to come around some times for us so whilst we wait we spend our time developing cool tools, pouring over players stats and fixtures lists, and dreaming up ways to make the game even more enjoyable than it already is.

Not wanting to compete with other awesome fantasy sites such as we’ve developed a few new ideas in order to bring you something new and interesting.  We aim to enhance your enjoyment of Fantasy Premier League and at the same time get one up on those pesky rivals in our all-important minleagues. Bragging rights FTW!


Weekly Newsletter

24 hours before the FPL deadline we’ll send you ‘The Gameweek’, our free weekly newsletter, jam packed with captain rankings, player picks for the weekend, news on our own FPL team, betting tips plus featured articles from some the best FPL sites and bloggers around.


Price Tracker

Never miss out on a player by £0.1m again with our handy Price Tracker. The site tracks transfers live through the day and highlight players due a price rise or fall and those getting close. Sign up to our Price Tracker Email to receive notification of price changes direct to your inbox before they happen.


Player Database

We have a few statistically minded folks on our team so have built a database of near 200 FPL players with up to date information on player form and stats over last 6 game weeks and the seasons in full. Snazzy charts visualise recent FPL points scored and our bespoke performance index.

We’ve even more ideas up our sleeve in development for the 2013/14 season so make sure to check out and sign up for the Newsletter and Price Tracker to keep in touch.



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