#FYCUP Round 3 Details!


If you were lucky enough to make it through Round 2 of the #FYCUP your team name will be listed below.

Each of the remaining 64 teams has been given a number between 1-64. The draw for Round 3 is complete.

Only fixtures announced on FantasyYIRMA.com are valid. The fixtures on the PL.com mini-league site relate to a H2H league over 8 weeks which with 256 original players obviously would not work! 🙂


The generous folks from @AdvertisingWeek have been in contact and offered to add £50 to the prize pot!!

To try and keep it fair I have decided to split the £50 with £25 going to the overall winner and £25 going to the Bonus prize winner (In Addition to the already great prize pot in place from our #FYCUP sponsors @StanJames !!!



Only a Mata of time VS Siltamäen Pallo
sliveDdeR VS It’s the ball ox
spherebuilders VS AM FC
iRed Boys VS TobyCats
Doris FC VS Hardly Athletic
DisLackofSikElephnts VS Terminaylor
Belo Horizonte VS Bridgehill United
Seaside Utd VS Trumpton 2nd XI
Garrens FC VS Burnley Reserves
lionstroop VS Haynes’s tweeters
Dirty Jersey FC VS patrickdrd
ffmiphone VS BENTEKKERS!
Barcaspoona VS #Topallyear
That’ll Do Pig VS Team Webb
PunkUndertaker VS HappyAnkit
White Walkers  VS Wonderful Wizards
United > City VS NwcoVictoriousSecret
Magical 15 VS Graham Rix U16s
Taylan VS FreeBar Utd
Sultans from Sharm VS fc matthews
ApacheCommunications VS school of science
All That Ales You VS Holly George Rovers
Brown Star Belgrade VS The Agueroplane
Scribbles FC VS FC Bull Mtn.
Blueheaven VS McCarthy Dundon Gang
Adonteng FC VS Jingle Bale
Team Elite VS Markin Don’t Play Fc
Premier Tykes VS Pathetico Madrid
FC Siltamäki VS goonerdhanus
Heart Shaped-Box VS Decos Champs
nadeem VS The Untouchables
Parpy United VS Mlowe City


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