FantasyYIRMA Cup: Quarter Final Time! #FYCUP


The #FYCUP may have started with 256 players but there are now only 8 players left as we head onto the Quarter Finals.

See below for the full round up of the scores from Round 5.

Here is the draw for the QF!


Congratulations to Joint weekly winners FPLhints and Parpy United who scored the highest points from the original 256 #FYCUP players.

Some great prizes on offer from our Sponsors @StanJames with a huge total of £200 in FREE BET prizes

REMEMBER!!! Only fixtures announced on are valid. The fixtures on the mini-league site relate to a H2H league over 8 weeks which with 256 original players obviously would not work! :)

Sultans from Sharm 53 VS 52 HappyAnkit
Siltamäen Pallo 69 VS 61 NwcoVictoriousSecret
spherebuilders 65 VS 54 DisLackofSikElephnts
FC Bull Mtn. 69 VS 58 Graham Rix U16s
Markin Don’t Play Fc 61 VS 73 White Walkers 
Belo Horizonte 68 VS 49 Brown Star Belgrade
That’ll Do Pig 53 VS 76 The Untouchables
Trumpton 2nd XI 49 VS 70 Mlowe City 


The generous folks from @AdvertisingWeek have been in contact and offered to add £50 to the prize pot!!

To try and keep it fair I have decided to split the £50 with £25 going to the overall winner and £25 going to the Bonus prize winner (In Addition to the already great prize pot in place from our #FYCUP sponsors @StanJames !!!

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