#FYCUP Prize Winner Announcement!


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With the football season over, the FY team has resigned themselves to building a scoring model for Fantasy Lawn Bowls – the up side to this is that the Premier League starts back in 78 days.

We have run multiple competitions this season and gave away some great prizes already. The inaugural FantasyYIRMA.com Cup was a great success and many thanks to those who got involved

256 players signed up to take part in  a Knock Out style tournament. The tournament itself filled up within a matter of hours and if you missed out on playing this time there will be more opportunities next season.

Special thanks go to Cup sponsors @StanJames and @AdvertisingWeek

Incredible support from both this season




Huge Congratulations to Glenn Quilter who wins the first place prize of £100 in Free Bets from @StanJames in addition to £25 from @AdvertisingWeek

An excellent cup run from @evertoniandy sees him pick up £50 in Free Bets from Big Stan and the bonus prize of £50 in free bets goes to @Strooger with his excellent individual gameweek score of 109 enough to beat off the rest of the competition.


Unbelievably – We have yet to hear from Glenn Quilter to claim his prize!!! Get in touch Glenn!


Roll on next season….






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