“Benteke is a keeper!” FantasyYIRMA GW1 Prize Winner Announced





Congratulations for @TomFysh on his excellent Gameweek1 score of 118pts which leaves him sitting pretty at the top of the FantasyYIRMA.com league.

We spoke to Tom about his team selection process for Gameweek1 and his thinking behind his initial squad which you can see below.



 Many Thanks to Advertising Week for sponsoring the Gameweek1 Prize of £25!!

FY4FantasyYIRMA are not running a weekly prize at this time but will be announcing additional prizes throughout the season.

Gameweek1 Selection by FantasyYIRMA.com winner Tom Fysh

First off, I went with a strong goalkeeper to play every week instead of a cheap rotation. I l like Liverpool’s defensive record and fixtures and I think Mignolet is a top quality keeper. Being a Liverpool fan I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome on the first game of the season.


My defensive plan was to find the cheapest options available that I thought rotated well and could still offer attacking potential and a possibility of clean sheets. I also selected players that I thought had a decent run of fixtures. I kept my bench to a minimum price selecting Chester(Hull) and Ward(Crystal Palace) from the 2 newly promoted sides. Coleman from Everton because he had a possible out of position advantage. Ivanovic obviously because of the double GW, and his threat from set pieces. I just had a feeling he would score. I took a gamble in playing Collins but I knew he is favored by Sam Allardyce.


Because I couldn’t bring myself to pay 14M for RVP I could have a pretty strong midfield. The only major disappointment I had was Walcott, my other 3 – Lampard, Hazard and Silva all scored or assisted. I decided to captain Hazard for safety more than anything else, because I knew most people would be doing the same thing. My bench selection is a cheap option, Kim (Cardiff). Pre season he played very well and I think when (and if) Cardiff do score he will be involved.


Upfront was incredibly difficult, there are so many options to choose from and I must have changed my team every day for weeks. I went with Soldado, Altidore and on the last few days before the deadline I ended up switching out Lukaku for Benteke, which proved vital. He is now a season keeper for me despite the blank in gameweek 3.

Benteke  “is now a season keeper for me despite the blank in gameweek 3.”

Soldado managed to score well even though Spurs looked as if they have another gear or two in them, he is on penalties and again I will be keeping him for my only Spurs cover.


I took a risky punt on Altidore. If I’m honest I could have chosen better options, I didn’t have a proper look at his fixture list and didn’t realise Aspas for Liverpool was 7m. If he doesn’t do something amazing next week he will be coming out of my team right after I have sorted out my Chelsea players.


I’d like to thank FantasyYIRMA for their effort in making FPL even more enjoyable.

Good luck to all and I’ll most likely see you mid table next week.



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