West Ham Fan’s Perspective: Captain Carroll

It’s an International Week.. and I hate an International Week!

If Van Persie gets a Hat-Trick for the Dutch this week I will get sod all points and with this in mind I’m opening up the FantasyYIRMA.com site for some new guest posts.

We will feature guest writer/bloggers from individual Premier League clubs to tell us how they thought their team did in the Transfer window, how they think their club will do this season and more importantly – who from their club should we be considering for our fantasy team??

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We have already heard from fans in North London so lets head a few miles east to Upton Park and reflect on the summer activity and the season ahead. This West Ham Fan post was written by @KyleReynoldss

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West Ham United’s transfer review 13/14

Finally we can wave goodbye to the months of speculation; the transfer window is now closed. Most West Hams fans will can say they’re relatively happy with the additions to the squad made by Big Sam early on in the window, but myself and a fair few other others were left puzzled by the crisis to find a third striker for the squad later on in the final day; Four key new signings were made in total and you know what…

For once in a fair few years I can confidently say we’ve assembled a squad that should comfortably retain Premier League status, meet the lads:

Razvan Rat

Left back
Free Transfer
Fantasy Value:4.7


I’d had my eye on Rat from his days at Shaktar, a brilliant player technically. Rat has gained a total of 89 appearances for Romania in his career; a wealth of experience to bring to a premier league side. He’s shown to have clear attacking qualities, but he doesn’t fit the natural role of Big Sam’s fullbacks; he’s a lot more agile and smaller than the average.

Recommended for fantasy teams?

In my opinion, he’d be brilliant. That’s if he would start.. Unfortunately defence is priority and until he’s adapted to the pace of the league ill have to say that for a WHU defender Reid is your best shout.


Free Transfer
Fantasy Value: 4.5


Yes, we’ve signed an Adrian.. And sorry to disappoint but he’s not from ‘Rocky’ (Ed… I’m not sure I’d want Talia Shire in nets??)

Adrian is a Spanish 26 year old keeper picked up from Real Betis; and he looks to have what it takes to be the ultimate replacement to Jussi. Adrian’s best assets lie in his aerial ability; and claiming crosses. That’s the one thing that clearly stands out about the lad but to be honest there isn’t much else you can say.

For your fantasy team?

No. He won’t play, there are much better for the same value and Jussi is simply the boss for now.

Stewart Downing

Liverpool –> West Ham
£6 million
Fantasy Value: 5.9


Liverpool are laughing at us; I’m wondering why?

Welcome to footballs marmite, some love him, some hate him.. All because of how much Liverpool signed him for. (Funnily enough this applies to Carroll also..)

Downing in his days at Middlesborough was seen as one of the best wingers in the Premier League; outstanding crossing ability, a beautiful left foot and pace off the mark. A fullbacks hatrid; Premier League winning manager Kenny Dalglish saw the prospect and signed him immediately from Villa. A season which saw him score 7 premier league goals and play every single game; at Liverpool he couldn’t get off the mark. He failed to impress and his price tag got the better of him.. Before you know it, he was a fringe player and the fans classed him as ‘dead wood’..

We’ve took Downing, for an acceptable fee and we look to get the best out of him again.

For your fantasy team?

Possibly. Competition for places has seen Downing a doubt to get into the first team yet; but when Carroll is back and the two find form. Who knows?

AND FINALLY.. The best till last!

Andy Carroll

Liverpool –> West Ham United: approximately 15.5m

Fantasy Value: 7.4


Last year; the big man notched 7 goals and 5 assists from 21 appearances in the Premier League. SAMs refusal to spend big on another striker of significant quality obviously dictates an unbelievable amount of faith in the lad; and he is the center of our entire system, working the ball into dangerous areas, small yet vital interchanges in the midfield then suddenly the balls wide and Andy has produced a 200 mph header that’s broke the net. This man for me, is a world class player and an extremely underrated individual. Would he have the same effect at another club? No. Does it matter? Nope.. Because he’s here at West Ham, and we get the most out of him.

For your fantasy team?

100%, the price is too good to turn down. I really do believe that he’s up there with the VERY best on his day; he is a concern for EVERY defence in the league. The only question mark is will his presence win you points; and with the amount we’re relying on him this season.. This guy is the one you want.

Want to succeed in Fantasy Football this year, and need a recommendation?

I have two words:


Guest Post written by @KyleReynoldss 

You can read more from Kyle at his blog KyleReynoldss.wordpress.com

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  1. I’m not too happy with our summer business overall. Rat, Adrian and Carroll are all great investments, Downing could be but that’s yet to be proven. I don’t think he really offers us anything close to what Jarvis does in terms of beating a man and providing accurate crosses… but overall he is probably still a decent addition to the team.

    My anger and disappointment is that we have known all summer long that we need more up top and yet done nothing about it. Currently we have a great but injury prone striker, and not much else. Maiga is yet to show any kind of goalscoring form and if we don’t manage to keep Carroll fit we will be struggling to score goals. I think we have a very strong squad in terms of GKs, defence and midfield, but only the most optimistic of fans could claim we are strong enough in attack. I hope the recent talk of resigning Carlton Cole turn out to be true because if not we could be in for a long hard season. Just my $0.02

    In summary: If we’d managed to blag Bony, Lukaku, Ba, Long, Odemwingie… even Anichebe I think we’d be ok. We are clearly short in attack but if Carroll manages to play a full season it won’t matter too much. I certainly hope that’s the case.

    • kylereynoldss

      I understand your point of view, but we have to look at the signings at the start of the window: Andy Carroll clearly a great buy given he can fulfil his potential. Young too. Downing peaking. Just that striker role..

    • kylereynoldss

      Even considering the wage allocation it’s safe to say we’ve done fairly well; I always trust in Big Sam and I wouldn’t doubt him in the slightest. Cole returning too; can we really moan?

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