Guest Post: Forget the Premier League, play the lotto instead

Forget the Premier League, play the lotto instead

If you’re thinking about betting on which club will come top of the English Premier League this season, it’s a pretty open market at this stage. At the moment there are six clubs that easily have the potential to come out on top, and there are some familiar names up there.

Top of the tree at the time of writing is Manchester City at 7/4, followed by Chelsea at 100/30 and Man Utd at 9/2. Better odds are available on Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool, but at this stage, any of these clubs still have the potential to win the Premier League.

You might as well try to win the UK Lottery than attempt to call the Premier League outright winner at this stage. After almost twenty years, the National Lottery will have its first price change next month. From October, the new National Lotto ticket price will go up – by 100% – to £2. Although this might be a disappointment to people who have been used to only paying £1, the good news is that the prize values will also be going up.

What’s more if you buy your ticket from Lottoland online, there’s a guarantee that anyone winning less than £1 million with their UK lottery ticket will have their prize topped up to £1 million by Lottoland. There have been occasions over the years since the UK National Lottery began in 1994 that jackpot winners have received less than £1 million, and on those occasions the wins haven’t been quite as sweet as for those who landed more than £1 million in prize money.

Another reason to play with Lottoland is that if you don’t win with your first purchase of lottery tickets on the site there’s a Money Back Guarantee, where you’ll get the price of your tickets during that first play refunded to you. And just think, you might win the jackpot on that first lotto ticket you play!

About the Author

Joe is a freelance sports journalist and staff writer for FC Copenhagen. As a Leeds United season ticket holder for nine years in his youth, he’s seen the best and worst English football has to offer. A frequent fantasy football player, you may (or most probably may not) have seen his team Borussia Teeth languishing at the foot of many a league table. That trend is set to continue.


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