Champions League Fantasy Football: GR2

There is no denying our love for the Fantasy Premier League, however if you want a go at playing along with Fantasy Football for the Champions League we recommend FantasyiTeam!


Fantasy iTeam Champions League GR 2

We hope you all enjoyed GR 1. There were plenty of goals and it’s no surprise to see Ronaldo and Messi sitting on top of the points table. The big surprise was how many points you all scored. Amazingly you needed at least 129 to make the top 100…


If you found GR1 tough don’t despair. There are 12 more Gamerounds left so everything will change. Here are some FiT tips for GW 2 and beyond.

Firstly make sure you check the player database before kick-off. There are a few suspensions and many injuries. If a player has a ? against their name there is a chance he will miss the game. The injured symbol means a player is definitely out. Thiago Silva and Mascherano are 2 big names that have recently picked up injuries. Secondly check the fixtures for GR 3. For example Barcelona play on Tuesday in GR2 and in GR3. Real Madrid play on Wednesday in both Gamerounds. This will play havoc with transfers so try and have a plan. Lastly use you’re free transfers. The best way to use them is to take players out AFTER they have played on Tuesday and bring in players who are going to feature on the Wednesday. You keep Tuesday’s player points even if you transfer them out…

fit 1

If you haven’t created your free Champions League iTeam yet it’s never too late. With lots of weekly prizes still to give away it’s definitely worth doing. Download and play our free 5* Mobile Fantasy Football app HERE .

Hopefully it will be another exciting week. Good luck everyone.



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