West Ham vs Manchester City: Lineups Confirmed

West Ham vs Manchester City KO 17.30pm

Team Lineups provided approximately 1 hour before Kick Off!

Bet McLean


FantasyYIRMA have been working closely with ZOO this season providing weekly content for the excellent ZOOtoday.com 

So, It was only a matter of time before I badgered the ZOO team to get involved in ChallengeYIRMA.

Now they are here THE GLOVES ARE OFF (metaphorically speaking…it’s getting a bit chilly now in mid-October)

Northern Ireland Legend Keith Gillespie may have just edged us out last week (Cough 27-12) but we are back and ready for the challenge of GAMEWEEK 8

Rumours have arose that the entire @ZOO office came to a standstill this week trying to reach agreement on the predicted scoreline for Crystal Palace vs Fulham – that is dedication.

As ever, we want you to get involved – Simply look at the scores below and let us know who you think will win!

Do you agree? Disagree? Question what have we been smoking? Let us know!

Each week we will throw the Gauntlet down to a new Challenger and ask them to predict the scores from the upcoming Premier League Gameweek!

Simple enough rules:

We will keep a leaderboard running throughout the season and every week a different challenger will face off against FantasyYIRMA.


About the Challenger

zoo logo

Zootoday.com is the ultimate website in providing everything a bloke needs: girls, sport, funny stuff, movies, games, gadgets, cars and yet more girls.

Catch hilarious interviews with all the top sports stars – from Rooney to Federer to KP – plus, have your say in our topical sport polls and get ZOO angles on all the biggest stories.

We also bring you the coolest movie trailers, as well as the biggest and best games, gadgets and motors to spend your hard-earned cash on!

We’ll even throw in the weirdest news stories and every stupid cat video on the net. Plus, we serve up a feast of funny stuff for you to admire and pass on to your mates – from comedians’ genius jokes to the web’s most hilarious links!

And there’s a load of goodies up for grabs in our Win Stuff section, too. And all that is before we’ve even reached the Girls section!

There are plenty of sexy real girls making their leap to the big time from the rest of our Girls area, whilst you can indulge yourself in some multimedia ZOO fun on our Girls Video page!

But it’s not just about us. You can now have your very own space on ZOO, where you can post pictures, videos, and even make money from it! Girls starting out on ZOO Real Girls are making it as big-time glamour models now, so make sure you catch them here first!

Remember to keep up with the latest happenings at ZOO HQ by liking ZOO Magazine on Facebook, following @ZOO on Twitter and seeing our new weekly YouTube videos.

The Fantasy tipsters from FantasyYIRMA.com are in the running for a Best Fantasy Blog award. Please vote for them using the buttons at the bottom of this article!

Solid gameweek articles and Club features in addition to a top ranked free to play mini-league makes #FY a must read Fantasy source!

Bet McLean


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