ChallengeYIRMA – The Result : FantasyYIRMA vs Sportsvibe

Gameweek 9 : FantasyYIRMA vs Sportsvibe

THE GLOVES ARE OFF (metaphorically speaking…it’s getting a bit chilly now in mid-October)

Rumours have arose that there was a punch up at the @sportsvibe office last week trying to reach agreement on the predicted scoreline for Swansea vs West Ham – pure speculation at this point.

Both sides got off to an absolute flyer, and we even surprised ourselves by correctly predicting the match results of the first 6 games for team #FY.

The last 4 games however went the opposite direction with both team FY and the Sportsvibe crowd picking up 9 points between us for the 4 Sunday games.

Overall another closely fought match up with Team FY coming out on top in a 21-18 victory.

Big thanks to Sportsvibe for playing along – great site which you should definitely spend time on!

ChallengeYIRMA GW9

Each week we will throw the Gauntlet down to a new Challenger and ask them to predict the scores from the upcoming Premier League Gameweek!

Simple enough rules:

We will keep a leaderboard running throughout the season and every week a different challenger will face off against FantasyYIRMA.



About the Challenger


Sportsvibe is the home of sports entertainment on the web. It’s produced by sports enthusiasts for sports enthusiasts. We hope you enjoy our site and welcome your comments and involvement. May contain nuts.

Fantastic site packed with news, articles, competitions, guest blogs and much much more!!

sportsvibe competition

The Fantasy tipsters from are in the running for a Best Fantasy Blog award. Please vote for them using the buttons at the bottom of this article!

Solid gameweek articles and Club features in addition to a top ranked free to play mini-league makes #FY a must read Fantasy source!



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