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Arsenal go into Christmas second in the table only by goal difference and this team may have the strength to mount a serious title challenge this season.

At this stage over the last few seasons Arsenal had lost quite a bit of ground to the leaders and would be aiming to try to finish in the top 4, but it’s safe to say this season they have set their goal higher.

So is it a surprise that they are where they are in the table? Well we see what a huge midfield they offer Premier League games has been referred to as an “embarrassment of the riches”.

Fans are right to feel optimistic about the clubs potential this season and also a little pessimistic because the club hasn’t won anything in 9 seasons.

After the first game which was an embarrassing loss to Aston Villa at the Emirates stadium for most fans it seemed like a new season, but the same old Arsenal all over again. Back then nobody could have predicted if they were going to make any major recruits or if they would be where they are right now in the table.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s unexpected retirement last summer was a shock to fans but for fans of rival clubs it seemed to spark some excitement because the power is now up for grabs for the best football teams to fight for the title rather than seeing Man United win it most of the time because they had the best manager who knew how to make them winners by installing the winners mentality in his players.

With Sir Alex gone other teams will fancy their chances the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham may not have done if Alex was still at Man United. The question is can Arsenal win the title?

Well we all know to be on top of the league before December tends to not mean a whole lot as titles are never won before then; but seeing Arsenal on top and playing so well can only be an encouraging sign, leading many fans to have had their best experience in years at the Emirates.

No doubt about the likes of Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, Man City, and Tottenham would love to be in Arsenal’s current position.


Arsenal’s midfield has been in the making over the last few seasons. It all started when the likes of Wilshire, Ramsey, were developing; Arsenal signed Arteta and Cazorla, over the last few seasons and keeping the useful Thomas Rosicky was all part of the process.

Arsenal had lost many top players over the last few seasons, including midfielder Fabregas, Nasri and Song which would prevent them from building a great team, and injury proned Diaby never helped the scenario.

Losing Robin Van Persie was a huge blow but keeping Theo Walcott seems like a huge turning point. When Walcott committed it seemed to have ended the cycle of losing a top player every summer and then having to sign a replacement, this has been an on-going pattern for many seasons at Arsenal.

Walcott is a star now, and surely will only become a bigger one in the making. Arsenal fans bask at the Emirates, they have an amazing, state of the art stadium, safe seating, secure ticketing and routinely get to watch some of the division’s finest, free flowing football.

In the summer of 2013 Arsenal had announced that they had over £70m to spend on players and although this was good news the problem with announcing this was it only made fans more anxious for new signings.

Fans became critical of the club when Arsenal missed on major targets Luis Suarez, Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Gustavo.

Once again it seemed that Arsenal just weren’t ruthless enough in the transfer market, unwilling to match the £34m fee of Higuian, blocked by Liverpool in any attempt to talk to Suarez (after the £40m plus one pound offer for him was rejected) and simply sitting back and allowing Wolfsburg to sign Gustavo.

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Jacob Pettit is a sports blogger from Brisbane, Australia. He’s been a big football fan and follower of the Premier League since his childhood and he likes to engage in football discussions and share his opinions of the beautiful game.


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