Cup Round 1 Results (Sponsored by


Here are the results from Round 1 of the #FYCUP sponsored by BetMcLean

Winners from Round 1 are below in GREEN


Flying Dutchmen 5733 Norfolk & Hope 13
Totsfan 3955 Captain Sensible FC
mcculloch fc 3945 St Helens Town FC
Taylor’s Warriors 5862 SuperMannone
The Dogknobbers 5738 hot_shots _part_deux
Torpedo Dewardo 5040 Raz’s XI
Dantes FC 5760 DAB FC
@FFPundits 5857 The Assads
Return of the AK 4461 Sam City
@xpxkx 6266 Inter Mauchlan
Lamb County 4866 STEAMIES
Sporting Lesbian 4362 Underdogs
HugsNotDrugs 5768 thebash
Come on Huey 8127 Not So Athletic F.C
Hellrokr 6653 mj team
The Unlucky XI 4876 Robbing Vans Persie
tyleriley 5146 Team Sylteagurk
MINH’sInterMadridBVB 6541 whisperingeye
Marauders 5750 Red Fantasy
Emmre Dane FC 6749 Smacked FC
Ian Rush 4864 The aWengers
Botal Tollix 4430 FabienTheGreat
Paul’s boys 4731 Meatballs rangers!
Winning Eleven 6028 The Gallant Pioneers
Divine mercy ✝ ★★★ 4061 No Good F.C
White Dynamite 6549 Messi is Back!
Lads on Toure 2941 Kings Club
Panini Allstars 83 5360 No Need to Worry
Chamakh InTheBalls 5150 Tomzy’s Toffees
BennettXI 5847 Glowjob
Super Pompey 5376 -Arsenalizer-
Sudhu’s Buddhus 4684 The Expendables
mourinho blues 5641 Way More Fresher
Sena’s 6142 Undernewmanagement
bang 6167 Gold Rush FC
Late Surge 5766 BonyOnZidane’sFloor
Children Of Bodom 5254 Getitupyeeeee!
The Special Ones 5159 Sons of Anarchy
Al Bahya FC 6154 Vipul FC
Wizards Of Özil 6245 The Avengers
bobchester 5557 Wild Coast Warriors
KickingInTheNameOf 7154 The Bite Of Suarezzz
Wycombe Raiders 5175 Modi’s midas
Fat kids Win@Seesaw 5348 Jonny FC
[A]mad FC 7278 ★★ The Netbusters ★★
FC Champions 5336 Newton heath
Nofolkinuse 5347 WeLoveThatBlackMagic
Ministry Of Doubt 6264 Lukewarm Water
Soft in the Attic 4858 Wrighton & Hove AFC
Mou’s Blues 5549 #PAFC
Kuzco 6764 Laurent

5 goals scored

7575 Euro Champs

6 goals scored

Bananaaaaaa 8363 JaredsEagles
Persie o’clock 3967 kikazz
#Polite enquiries 5556 White Ants
Eat My Dust 5730 honkage fc
meh don’t care 7046 Feldinho Utd
strikers 5746 Its Giroud not to
Outkasts 6050 grugys munchers
Blisters Paw 4256 Noisy Noogs
r3volut!on3rzzzzz 3951 TEAM SUPREME
Rivals 4648 IFM Sigli FC
The Hyperion Rebels 4145 LEITCHYS LEGENDS*
Tea and Busquets 6551 Newton Heath FC
borussia teeth 4666 My Fox is Super
DSK Kingdom 6072 iRed Boys
Dsk Heroes 5558 Why Always Me?
tedtedtedtod 4960 Wingnutz
The perfectionist 4669 GET YA BURGER OOT
The Exodus 5055 Real Shotburn 5039 Los Galacticos
@DieHardCFCFan 4058 Dilly Bars
Feed the Goat 7266 IFM Anon Haydn FC
Russells-Rangers 6267 Where’s your tool?
Florists 4850 The Old Garda
Get rid of Michu 6770 The Photographers
The Who 5958 Little Britain B&B
Mourinho’s Japs i 4471 @FPLMaestro
Speedy’s XI 4046 Powerful Potty Fc
Howard 4148 London’z finest
Paythe50 6663 Wah Lao Eh
Tripes Warriors 5365 TRUE STRIKERS
Borrusia teeth 4265 Tasmania Devils
Hazenfrog ke sepahe 3854 DisneyJr
Supa Strikas FC 4865 Team.Taku
K FC 6345 St. Jonestone
Real McCaff 5946 Double Decade
Martin Allen’s Dog 6554 FiT Allstars
Varney Army 6757 Leave My Barce Alona
Hazardous 5747 Mid table crisis

3 Goals Scored

16 Goals Conceded

4949 Blue Steel

3 Goals Scored

15 Goals Conceded

GUNNERPUCH 5673 Bank on Brittany
Manchesters best 3463 FatFrancsChipShop3
Pardon the Kun 6071 Wards Town
Bumpkin Allstars 6250 Ranieri’s Ghost
senyofreeman 6646 Reductio ad Absurdum
I Haven’t A Kalou 6252 I will NOT win FPL
Evil kagawa ninjas 5355 Stroking Balls
RD FC 3867 Mourinho’s ipad
PanPan 5076 P&L 4
BRAVE ❤ FC @fakados 6658 MIGNO WAY
GingNeedsSmluck 4858 MillyMOOSE
Ball Busters 5055 ManOlu United
The Red Lion 4546 prokringe fc
The Winners 4650 Jamrock Rovers
SGABTO 4651 Cannibal of Anfield
Raith Ravers 5472 Juventus
Breaking Bad 6450 Atletico Mottramo
The Dreamteam 4963 Martin Keynes Dons
Gaffer 5156 Not One Nil
Inter MeNan 5648 The Tinkerman*
createsomehavoc 4250 Soccer Novice
Hawkeye FC 3965 Into the breach
Grabatelli 4178 Sagatha United
Dodgy Dazzlers 4840 DossierDockers
Gary Breens 4857 Backyard Bullies
Crunchy Frogs 5544 andy capped
Athletico Fozdike 5134 Lunatics
Oneunitedfan 8230 Shogun II
Tertan Ermy 3659 Path United
Here We Go Again 5262 F.C United
Rolando Pirates 4627 Rodellegabombers
Jonas Guitar-ez 50 60 Green Barmy Army
Marshallona 5456 No Team Name
S.S. Milky Milkshake 6349 @FPL_Player
Why Always Me?

3 goals Scored

16 goals Conceded

6161 maybethisyear

3 goals Scored

17 goals Conceded

MLNs 4257 Ginger Wizards

Top score from Round 1 was 84 points by team “The Expendables”

So get involved – get talking about the cup – Tweet us once you are signed up at @FantasyYIRMA  using hashtag #FYCUP




  • Fantasy Football scores based on the game.
  • Players must be 18+ to Enter
  • Players must be following @Bet_McLean and @FantasyYIRMA on Twitter to be eligible for prizes
  • *£200 Prize pot split in the form of free bet from BetMcLean.comno alternatives.
  • Winners must have an existing account or can open a new account with to receive prizes
  • Standard T&C’s apply Terms & Conditions
  • Fixtures drawn at random by an online fixture generator
  • Weekly match-ups available on
  • For more information on Responsible Gaming please refer the Responsible Gaming Policy.

*In the event of a tie at any occasion the deciding factor will look at 1.number of goals scored, 2.number of goals conceded, 3. Points on the Bench.  In the event of a draw after this there will be a coin toss decision.

fycup2014 2



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