Cup Round 3 Results (Sponsored by Cup Round 3 Results (Sponsored by


Here are the results from Round 2 of the #FYCUP sponsored by BetMcLean

Winners are below in GREEN

MASE FC 43 46 Not One Nil
Wizards Of Özil 37 55 Breaking Bad
Sena’s 66 50 My Fox is Super
No Need to Worry 55 53 Outkasts
Martin Allen’s Dog 39 53 Torpedo Dewardo
Bumpkin Allstars 53 38 No Good F.C
Kikazz 56 70 KickingInTheNameOf
SuperMannone 48 41 Botal Tollix
Where’s your tool? 58 31 Rolando Pirates
Crunchy Frogs 3GS/7GC 63 63 Athletico Fozdike 3GS/4GC
No Team Name 53 72 STEAMIES
Tasmania Devils 38 64 Eat My Dust 
Captain Sensible FC 38 44  K FC
Backyard Bullies 50 44 Hazardous
TRUE STRIKERS 40 59 Bank on Brittany 
 Lukewarm Water 59 43 Kings Club
Mourinho’s ipad 56 39 Wards Town
Why Always Me? 62 69 Martin Keynes Dons
ManOlu United 42 57 I Haven’t A Kalou
BonyOnZidane’sFloor 71 75 Hellrokr 
The Expendables 43 41 Come on Huey
F.C United 40 47 GET YA BURGER OOT
Modi’s midas 60 55 The Old Garda
Real McCaff 46 64 Prokringe fc
strikers 27 66 London’z finest
Sons of Anarchy 49 39 Into the breach
The Who 45 69 Mou’s Blues
FC Champions 52 50 Real Shotburn
Jamrock Rovers 52 49 The aWengers
iRed Boys 46 56 Underdogs
Dilly Bars 43 68 FPLMaestro
Stroking Balls 40 60 Inter MeNan 

TOP SCORE from Round 3 was 75 points by team


So get involved – get talking about the cup – Tweet us once you are signed up at @FantasyYIRMA  using hashtag #FYCUP



  • Fantasy Football scores based on the game.
  • Players must be 18+ to Enter
  • Players must be following @Bet_McLean and @FantasyYIRMA on Twitter to be eligible for prizes
  • *£200 Prize pot split in the form of free bet from BetMcLean.comno alternatives.
  • Winners must have an existing account or can open a new account with to receive prizes
  • Standard T&C’s apply Terms & Conditions
  • Fixtures drawn at random by an online fixture generator
  • Weekly match-ups available on
  • For more information on Responsible Gaming please refer the Responsible Gaming Policy.

*In the event of a tie at any occasion the deciding factor will look at 1.number of goals scored, 2.number of goals conceded, 3. Points on the Bench.  In the event of a draw after this there will be a coin toss decision.

fycup2014 2

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