Football Fanager: Fantasy World Cup

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200m pound budget to select 11-man squad

Football Fanager takes the traditional player value approach of fantasy formats a step further and uses actual real life values and recent player performance as the values established for the players participating in the World Cup. It may throw some of us for a loop at the outset, especially those of us accustomed to the “usual” 100m pound budget to be divied up amongst 11-15 players priced in the 4.5 to 12.5m pound price bracket. I like this approach as it provides a more real-life feel to the kind of money clubs are dishing out to lure the best football players on the planet. You have the opportunity to feel like a real club GM splashing the cash in vastly different quantities depending on the player. (I just transferred out Brad Guzan for Thibaut Courtois and it set me back 17m pounds!) The valuation adds a nice new dimension to the fantasy experience in my opinion.

Transfer rules:

Transfers are handled on a daily basis. The best way to explain this is to use an example. For games being played on Saturday, June 14, the daily transfer window will open once the final game being played Friday night has started and will close 15 minutes before Saturday’s first match is played. If you are trying to decide between two players who each play in the first match of a particular day, waiting to make your transfer until the deadline approaches will allow you to see each team’s lineup before making your transfer decision. This is very helpful, but will only apply to players who are playing in the first match of each day.

This transfer policy also allows you to remove players who’ve suffered an injury immediately when the following day’s transfer window opens and will help you to avoid price drops.

For the opening group stages and the elimination round of 16, the daily transfer limit is 3 transfers per day. The daily transfer limit will increase to 4 per day during the Quarterfinals, 6 per day during the Semi-Finals, and 8 per day for the Final.


Scoring System:

The scoring system for the Football Fanager format is relatively simplistic. It will require some thought in advance (especially if you’ve played other fantasy formats in the past) to get your head around the scoring and determine how different formations may affect your point production.  Adding points for every player on a winning team and deducting points from every player on a losing team is a nice little twist that I’m intrigued to see in action. Not having dug too deep yet, it appears that playing a defender from a losing team will almost certainly result in negative points for that defender, which entices me to go with a 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 formation right off the bat.

Here are the details:

walt 3



I am really looking forward to seeing how this basic scoring system works out. With a cheeky little 5 point bonus for a hat-trick thrown into the mix, splashing for in-form forwards on strong national teams could really pay off.  Imagine captaining Neymar and seeing him nail a hat trick. Pull in your minimum 40 point haul and laugh all the way to the fantasy bank.

Undoubtedly the biggest and most progressive characteristic of the Football Fanager fantasy game is the fact that you have the ability to play the game with real life dolla dolla bills y’all. That’s right, in addition to the tokens that can be used to join leagues and that can be earned as league prizes, you can also play the Football Fanager game using (and ultimately winning or losing COLD HARD CASH). This really steps things up a notch and sets Football Fanager apart from traditional fantasy games.

To register for the Football Fanager game, click HERE

Make sure you join WorldCupWalts Moshpit minileague. The generous folks at Football Fanager have put up a £250 CASH prize to the winner.

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