Do Goalies even matter in Fantasy Football?

Do Goalies even matter in Fantasy Football?

Guest Post from Charles Cunningham


            Short answer? YES! Goalies can account for quite a bit of points when playing fantasy football and here will break down some of the main ways a keeper wearing those massive goalkeeper gloves can make or break your fantasy team.

Lets get this out of the way, if for some reason your goalie scores a goal it is worth a whopping 6 points! Now while this may be rare, if your goalie has a long leg on punts, there is always a chance. However more realistically, the only way this happens is if your team is down by 1 in stoppage time and the team was awarded a corner kick. This would allow the keeper to run down the field and try for a header on the ensuing corner kick, or for a lucky strike if the ball somehow bounced around to him.

This of course most likely is never happening, but I would be willing to bet there will be a couple close calls this upcoming season for a goalie to have a chance at scoring a goal. And if a goalie scores it was probably at the expense of a huge gaffe by an opposing defender or goalie.

So how do Goalies get most of their points?

This is a much easier question to tackle. Goalies get most of their points from playing over 60 minutes (2 points) and for keeping a clean sheet (5 points). By keeping a clean sheet (allowing no goals that day) this is something you have to consider very carefully when picking a keeper for your team. The best keeper in the world cannot keep a clean sheet in most games if the defense in front of him is just atrocious.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much a defense fouls near or around the box. Set pieces are one of the best ways to score goals, so if a goalies defense game after game gives out a ton of set pieces to opponents, you may be better off going with a lesser known keeper.

Sometimes the best bet is choosing a weaker keeper, but the stronger possession oriented team. By doing so, if your team has possession of the ball for 70% of the match, that gives very few chances for your keeper to be tested. At the same time, your keeper does get a single point every time they stop 3 shots on goal, so if you feel a keeper will be tested early and often, you better only place him on your roster if you think he will have the game of his life. Just something to consider when constructing your rosters this fantasy season.

Where do goalies have a chance to make the biggest impact on the fantasy scoring system?

This is without a doubt, a goalie who stops a penalty shot. If a goalie is able to parry away a penalty kick during regulation or stoppage time, 5 points is awarded to the keeper. This not only completely changes the complexion of a fantasy match, but the real game as well.

Some goalies have their superstitions for defending a penalty kick. Some try moving their hands around to distract the shooter, others simply get down on one knee, spit into their goalkeeper gloves as they rub them together and pray they guess right. What the goalie does or doesn’t do truly doesn’t matter, all that matters is getting a hand on that ball to keep it out of the goal.

So when choosing your next fantasy roster, spend a little extra time thinking of which 2 goalies to select, because those selections could be the difference between winning and losing the league that year!


About the Author

Charles Cunningham is a huge football fan. In fact, it would come as no surprise to anyone that he lives and breathes Man U like millions of others around the globe. He often write articles online about team performances in the EPL (English Premier League)  and at times even analyses the performances of the top teams in the Spanish and Italian Leagues.

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  1. Hello, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was helpful.
    Keep on posting!

  2. I think it’s always good to have one or two goalies, if they get a penalty shot, then it’s worth it.

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