New Fantasy Football game with a twist

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A new fantasy football game has just launched called Real Fantasy Football and it’s the only official ‘NFL Draft style’ fantasy football game for the Premier League. It’s not an alternative to existing games but designed to be played alongside the games you know and love


The draft approach means that you and your friends will take it in turns to pick players before the season starts. Each premier league player can only be selected once within your league of friends. So when Fabregas has a stormer and you have him, you know that ONLY you have him. This means that teams don’t begin to look the same as the season progresses.



The game creates a more social approach as you’ll be playing a different friend within your league each week. The trial season saw plenty of pre-gameweek build up between friends and (often desperate) last minute trade offers between teams



You’ll still be able to transfer in players from the pool of undrafted players (with bottom of the league getting slight priority) as well as proposing trades to other league members if you think you can prise your friend’s star asset from them.



Drafting can be done via the live online console or by setting a priority order of players you want (so you don’t have to be there). Or offline in real life so you can make a night of it.



Why not get creative in deciding the order in which you draft? Early methods to decide the draft order include a wind-up toy race and a round of crazy-golf. You can come up with better than that though…



There’s loads of other features too (and some in development). Set up a league and invite your friends!



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  1. RealFF is not the only draft fantasy football game. There are other sites like playtogga which are also draft based.

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