From Arsenal to West Ham – Relive Past Glory on TELETEXT!!!

Here at it took us months to get over the departure of teletext when it finally left our screens and I still miss it to this day! So when @p302_ popped up on my twitter feed this week I knew I had to reach out to the guys to find out more about their new business built out of their love of our old favourite news source!

I caught up with site creator Jordan to hear his story.

Please check out

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Written By @p302_

Being a child of the (very late) 80’s there are many things I grew accustomed to waiting for. Games on the Playstation loading up… waiting for the internet to dial up… waiting for my damn Charmander to evolve..

However most of all I remember being knelt in front of a TV the size of a small hatchback, approximately 7 inches from the screen, eyes burning with pixelation, waiting for my team to flick around on the teletext scores screen.

With a bubbling knot of anticipation curled tightly in my stomach, I would wait for what felt like days, my team usually around page 11 of 17.

 Page 1 came…. and went… Page 2 came… and went… and so on…

Finally, (with page 10 lasting at least 4 times as long as all the other pages) page 11 appeared, usually bringing with it crippling disappointment.

Next Saturday, there I was again


I would like to think that rambling story would bring a smile to the face of 99% of 70s/80s/90s kids like myself. It was a random throwback memory like that that gave me the idea for Everyone who was knelt in front of the TV as a child has a very loving nostalgic view on the hours lost waiting for their team to appear.

We earned our football news, gave up our precious time to keep up to date with our teams, win lose or draw!

So in August I decided to try my hand at recreating these screens to celebrate our club’s most treasured memories. It started with around 14 teams and the site went live in September.

After a very handy celebrity retweet (thanks Max!!) we were brought to the attention of hundreds of thousands of like minded souls. The response was amazing. the first day, via our request form, we had over 50 new screen requests- from Bradford Park Avenue to Arsenal.


AC Milan Liverpool Mug Shot

The aim is to celebrate our clubs best times, encourage brew centered smugness in the workplace, and most importantly remind everyone of the old friend that (albeit slowly) told us all we needed to know each Saturday


As for me- the aim is to sell enough to pay off my massive bill owed to BT from 1994…

damn you Clubcall, there was never a ‘Star Italian Striker Close To Signing!’ was there?!

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