Will QPR at home put a spoke in the works for Man City?

Man City face QPR at Loftus Road this Saturday and it’s by no means certain that it’s going to be a walkover for the Manchester team. Harry Redknapp’s team almost got a point away when playing Chelsea last week and it would have been a good reflection of the game had they done so.

Compared with the rest of the teams who have met Chelsea this season at Stamford Bridge, QPR gave a far more impressive show. It may mean that the team’s fortunes are beginning to change for the better. Meanwhile, Man City is not looking in such great shape, with defender Aleksander Kolarov and midfielder David Silva both being injured and therefore not able to play for a number of weeks.

Given the current status of both teams, it’s quite surprising to see that the odds for QPR to have a win on home turf are at such a long price. Some of the bookies are offering 7/1 and those are huge odds for a home win, no matter which team in the Premier League you’re playing! And already we’ve seen the West Ham home victory over Man City, so we know that the Manchester side is not unbeatable.

So it looks like we’ll be in for an interesting game on Saturday. But if you can’t bear watching tense matches, it’s best to find diversion away from the box. Sites such as bgo, Betfred and SkyBet offer virtual sports to keep your entertained. If you have a go at virtual betting at bgo.com for example, players can bet on virtual tennis matches and cycling races. The outcome of each event is decided through random number generator software so no one knows which way the game will turn. It’s just another way of having a flutter – and a great way to fill time when you’re waiting for a match to start or the half-time analysis is getting too tedious.

However all signs point to QPR putting on a good performance on Saturday. The match against Man City looks to be far less of a challenge than the fixture they had against Chelsea, where it was certainly bad luck that they didn’t come away with any points after the excellent goal scored by Charlie Austin. All through the match QPR didn’t back down at any point, and as Austin’s goal – which redirected a goal attempt by Fer that was heading to the wrong side of the net – flew past Thibaut Courtois during the 62nd minutes, it looked like the win was going to be theirs.

There’s no saying that there’ll be the same conclusion at Saturday’s match at Loftus Road. So anyone looking to get a value bet on should do so before the odds change. QPR was certainly unlucky to lose away at Liverpool 2-3, as two of those Liverpool goals were in injury time. And they won 2-0 at home to Aston Villa, but it could very easily been a bigger scoreline as QPR really were on top form.

Key to some of QPR’s most impressive performances is the partnership between Charlie Austin and Bobby Zamora up at the front, which can pose a challenge to any defenders, no matter which team they play for. With QPR seeming to have the ability to play at their best even against the toughest of opponents and Man City not looking that great on the road so far this season, it looks like Saturday’s game at Loftus Road could be a cracking encounter.


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