Most Incredible Fan Culture in the US – Inside Seattle Sounders MLS

The Guys from COPA90 have just released this cracking video!! Check it out and let us know what you think

At @Copa90 we’ve been getting increasingly excited about the rise of football in the US. From the influx of world class players into the MLS, to exciting grass roots movements and the unbelievable numbers of people taking to the streets to support the USMNT during the world cup, we really believe that soccer has taken off in America. 


We recently made our way to Seattle to check out the Sounders and their fans. What we found is one of the most exciting, passionate supporters’ groups in the world, and a real community that is working together to build something great. 
It might just surprise a few people in Europe how big it’s getting.
Seattle Sounders have a fan base of a size and intensity to match any in the world. Eli Mengem went to meet the Emerald City Supporters, Gorilla FC and others to explore what is one of the most exciting supporter movements anywhere on earth



  is the YouTube football channel that knows there is no final whistle. Pitch, laptop, or console, the game never stops. With 750,000+ subscribers.

So after you’ve scored a golazo, watched the big match, or smashed someone at FIFA14, head to Copa90 and check out Poet and Vujanic as they discuss the latest happenings on and off the pitch in “Comments Below” or follow Eli Mengem as he uncover’s the world’s most intense rivalries in Derby Days.


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