Take on Fantasy Football writers at their own game!

We were pleased to be invited by to join a draft Fantasy Game for the Premier League for the start of the 2014/15 season. The draft element was something different for us and there is a charity element attached so we agreed to take part.


 is not actually a typo.. it stands for “International Expert Fantasy Soccer Associationand is the brain child of creator Chris Mosinski


Chris has assembled some well known fantasy soccer writers to compete head-to-head in a very unique fantasy competition. With participants coming from FantasyYIRMA, Premier Injuries, RotoWire, Rotoworld, Bleacher Report, and RotoExperts


To be the best, you have to beat the best. Nothing makes for a better pair than that statement and what is going on with the International Expert Fantasy Soccer League (IEFSA). IEFSA is the first professional fantasy sports league that allows the public to not only watch pundits go head-to-head each week, but also compete against the best minds in the industry for ultimate glory.

Not only that, but IEFSA has made some adjustments to the style of game of Fantasy Football to utilize some of the great aspects World Football has to offer. Scoring has expanded so a player’s value can be judged by more than just the fact of scoring a goal or not. Open auctions and bidding allow the teams to determine the value of each player. Promotions and relegations create a unique fantasy atmosphere for the entire season with teams at both ends of the table. Transfer windows provide teams the chance to improve their squad or earn money for future player purchases. Finally, qualification for the Premium Fantasy League allows IEFSA to crown a Fantasy Football World Champion, and it could be you. Allow me to introduce you to the IEFSA pyramid and give a brief explanation for how it works.



While it is typical to start any pyramid explanation at the bottom, this league is truly built upon the strong foundation of our experts. With writers from top fantasy sites such as: FantasyYIRMA, Premier Injuries, RotoWire, Rotoworld, Bleacher Report, and RotoExperts, it is difficult to find a more respected and trusted group of fantasy writers. Each will go through the arduous task of competing against one another to win the league with the incentive of winning money for their charities on top of the bragging rights picked up from coming out atop the most competitive fantasy league assembled.


But it does not end there. You will have the opportunity to stand toe-to-toe with your favorite pundit in what is the most fun and realistic fantasy leagues created. The best part is anyone is capable of scaling the ranks. It starts at the Qualifier League where you enter and compete against a pool of teams to earn promotion and replace the teams that were demoted from the Challenger League. In the Challenger League, you will compete in smaller head-to-head leagues that are structured identically to the Expert League. Here is also your first chance to take on an expert as in addition to the regular league schedule, you will also compete in a League Cup competition that combines all teams on that level, including the experts. If you are successful enough to finish in the top four of your 18-team league, you have earned the right to compete for the World Championship. There you will meet other successful teams as well as the qualifying experts and compete in pool play and knockout rounds to determine the title of Fantasy Football World Champion.

Think you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Champion? Prove your mettle and ability by signing up today and begin your path towards creating your own fantasy dynasty!

League Address: http://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/joinLeague.go?sport=EPL

League ID: kef2t8vxi2i364zs

League Password: IEFSA2

I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to seeing you in the IEFSA! Be sure to check out our website for contest rules and updates: www.theiefsa.com


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