Free Injury App: How much longer for Arsenal’s Walcott, Ozil and Ramsey??

Merry Christmas from – If you have received a shiny new Apple product today I highly recommend this FREE app from Premier Injuries – MUST HAVE for all Fantasy Football managersPI1


FY BenDinnery

As any Fantasy Football fan will understand – having an up to date knowledge of players injured can be the difference between a good week and a great week in #FPL.

Many of you will know @BenDinnery on twitter is one of the best in the business for injury updates and he has now provided a FREE app for you to download on iOS.

So regardless of if you want to check up on Diego Costa’s hamstring or have millions to spare after Aguero was injured – Premier Injuries has all the info in one place!

Recommended by @FantasyYIRMA


An app to ensure you never miss team news for the Premier League again, now available for iOS

The Premier Injuries app delivers up to minute team news updates for the British Premier League to iPhone users. It provides a quick reference for fantasy football managers – as well as bettors – who require individual player information or a full squad summary before critical cut-off points.



The app displays a comprehensive breakdown of player availability within the British Premier League :

  • Reason for Absence and Further Details

  • Status – % of a return to action including ‘Ruled Out’

  • Current Condition – Late Fitness Test / Being Assessed

  • Expected Return Date

  • Filter for Teams and Players – Individual team or player profile

  • Latest News plus a share option

  • Coming soon “push notification” for instant updates for your favourite team or player


The Premier Injuries app is available worldwide for FREE from the Apple App Store

Please visit for more injuries, analysis & historical data.


If you require further information on Premier Injuries LTD. please contact :

Ben Dinnery – Founder & CEO of Premier Injuries LTD.

Email :

Twitter : @BenDinnery or @PremierInjuries


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