Can the return of Man City’s Aguero win you Fantasy Cash this week??



There’s FREE ENTRY in the Gameweek 22 £100 Guaranteed league at Football Fanager this weekend

Our friends at have launched a new weekly fantasy football league, which will see the top 10 finishers win £10 each with entry to this league being completely FREE! You’re submitting a team as bet, where you simply win, or lose…
As many of you will have seen already, Football Fanager allows Fantasy Premier League managers to enter an 11-man fantasy football team for the Gameweek, with no carry-over to the following week.
This £100 guaranteed league starts at 3pm on Saturday the 17th of January and will close after the Everton vs West Brom fixture which kicks off at 8pm on Monday the 19th.
The concept for playing this league is almost identical to FPL, but there are no transfers and no subs! Simply pick what you think will be the highest scoring 11-man fantasy football team from the 10 Premier League fixtures for Gameweek 22 only and choose a captain. Details of how to score points can be found on their homepage in the ‘How to Play’ section.
It’s also worth noting that the one unique aspect of playing Football Fanager is that you can change your captain once a day. Meaning, you should ensure that you have a players in your squad which play on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Points gained from your captaincy selections will not be lost when you change your captain for the following days fixtures – They roll-over. So, get your captaincy pick right on all 3 days and there’s no reason why you won’t be in the mix for a top 10 payout.
Create and submit your teams by following the link below, where you’ll be prompted to create a free account and then join the £100 Freeroll league.
Fanager will split the £100 prize pot between the top 10 finishers, giving each manager £10 in cash, credited to their Football Fanager account where you can then play with it or withdraw – The choice is yours.
The beauty of these weekly fantasy leagues by Football Fanager is that you don’t need to worry about managing your team once the Gameweek is over, as once the league closes, your team closes too. Pick what you think is the best possible 11-man team within the allocated budget and win yourself cash each and every week by doing what you already for [FOR FREE] by playing FPL.

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