FREE entry to the Football Fanager £100 Freeroll for Gameweek 32

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FREE entry to the Football Fanager £100 Freeroll for Gameweek 32

As the FPL Gameweek 32 draws ever closer, now’s the time to turn your attention to the £100 Freeroll league hosted by and win yourself some free cash by doing what you do best… Fantasy Football management!

Each and every week, 100’s of managers battle it out in the Fanager Freeroll as they attempt to finish in the Top 10 places – With each Top 10 manager receiving £10 in cash, it’s clear to see why so many of you are playing the game; especially as the FPL season-long game has no season-long financial reward.

This weeks Freeroll includes the 10 Premier League fixtures being played between Saturday the 11th of April and Monday the 13th – Simply pick your best 11-man team from the 10 fixtures, choose a captain (they’ll score you double points) and submit your team to the free entry league. It’s as simple as that.

Fanager works in the same way as the FPL game, but has a slightly different scoring system – Points are awarded for goals, assists and clean sheets, but, points are also won and lost if the players team wins or loses! More details of how to score points can be found via their homepage.

As always, we’ll be entering a FantasyYIRMA to the £100 Freeroll and hope that many of our readers will join us too as we look to earn some pocket money for the weekend.

Login at if you’re an existing user, or, follow the link below to create your FREE Football Fanager account and join in the action.

Register for free at




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