UEFA Champions League Semi-Finals 2014/15

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The Champions League semi-final games are very promising this year. We are going to see some amazing football for sure! First pair is Barcelona against Bayern – we can say that the games between these two teams are “final before the final” and when you take a look at the previous encounters, we are going to see lots of goals, hopefully on both sides. The other pair, Real Madrid against Juventus, could also be very interesting, especially if the Italians manage to surprise the Spanish giants.

We have gathered five interesting facts for you:

1. If both Real Madrid and Barcelona advance into the final, this will be the first “El Clasico” in the final of Champions League. Furthermore, any of the teams that advances to the finals will play against each other in the finals for the first time!

2. Both Guardiola and Ancelotti are going to face their old clubs in semi-finals. Ancelotti was in charge of the Juventus team in between 1999 and 2001.

3. Family affair – Thiago Alcantara, who transferred from Barca to Bayern is going to play against his brother, Rafinha.

4. The defeat Barcelona suffered in the game against Bayern (Bayern won 4:0) was their biggest in Champions League. The interesting thing is that Bayern lost in a game against Barcelona 4:0, which is also their biggest defeat in the Champions League.

5. Since 1987, Real Madrid didn’t win a two-legged tie against Italian team, although they took four points from Juventus last year and beat them in the final in 1998 with a goal that was scored by Predrag Mijatovic.

Which team will be in the finals in Berlin? Well, our creative team has once again created an amazing infographic about the upcoming semi-final matches , What do you think?



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