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Dugout FC draft strategy – Who & Why

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The Dugout FC draft format creates a whole new dynamic for team selection.  The draft means that you can’t simply cherry pick all of the league’s superstars.



Here’s a little insight to some of the nuances of Dugout FC & who I’ll be looking to pickup and why I’m targetting certain players above others.


Dugout FC rewards goalkeepers for their contributions beyond simply saves and clean sheets.  Big Saves, One-on-One Success, Keeper Sweeper Interceptions give the goalkeeper much more importance.

I’m going for Joe Hart, he’s quick off his line and that high-line Man City defence allows chances for opposition forwards.

joe hart


  • Saves: Surprisingly Man City allowed for a lot of chances for their opposition last term, they haven’t strengthened in that department yet and with the recent Injury record of Vincent Kompany, expect Joe Hart to be called into action regularly.  3 Saves gets goalkeepers +1.
  • One-on-One Success: He’s good in one-on-one situations & invariably comes out on top.  1 OOS gets you +1.
  • Big Saves: Hart is partial to the odd spectacular save and often rescues the clean sheet for the 4 defenders in front of him.  1 BIGS gets goalkeepers +1.
  • Clean Sheets: Add into that that the 14 CS that Man City managed last season and you have yourself one hell of a points getter.
  • Keeper Sweeper Interceptions: Joe Hart is quick off his line and has to be.  With 1 point for every 2 KSI Hart is a great addition if you can get him.



Defence is much more than clean sheets, so I’m going for Keiran Tripper who regularly hit categories to earn points for Dugout FC managers.  He finished as the 4th best defender in Dugout FC last year.



  • Accurate Crosses: The former burnley man had the most Accurate Crosses (91) of any EPL player.  You get a point for every 3 ACr in Dugout FC so you can expect +1 point almost every game.
  • Tackles Won: Trippier returned a good points total from TW last year with 57.  Players receive +1 for every 3 TW.
  • Interceptions: Trippier was in the top 10 defenders for INT & with 82, brought home the bacon 2 in 3 games. Players receive +1 point for 3 INT.
  • Clean Sheets: Burnley might have surprised a few people with 10 CS last season, but Tripper as an ever-present, was a big part of that, with him making the move south to Spurs, expect around the same return.
  • Blocked Crosses: Alan Shearer wouldn’t hesitate to tell you the importance of BCr & Tripper obviously watches MOTD.  His BCr total of 32 puts him 6th in the defender rankings and earned him +1 for every 3.



I’ll be looking at Cesc Fabregas as my main midfield target.  He was a near ever-present for Chelsea last season so thats a guaranteed 70+ points straight off the bat but here’s a breakdown of why he’s such a valuable Dugout FC asset:



  • Accurate Passes: Cesc had one of the highest averages in the game last season with around 70 APa per game and as high as 144 APa.  You get 1 point for every 40 passes as a midfielder in Dugout FC which could make all the difference in tight matchup.
  • Assists: Cesc provided 18 assists last season and has always been a prolific creator in the EPL.
  • Big Chances Created: Dugout FC rewards players for creating chances, whether the Striker ballsed it up or not shouldn’t matter, the contribution is noted.  2 BCC gets your player a point.
  • Clean Sheets: Cesc will inherit points from the ever reliable chelsea defence & Matic sitting in front you can expect a 10 point boost from CS this season.
  • Fouls Conceded: One category to be mindful of is FC, Cesc managed to accrue 30 FC last season and damaged his overall total.  3 FC will earn your player -1



Eden Hazard can be deployed as a Midfielder or Forward in Dugout FC so provides a useful outlet if you need to shuffle your pack.  He was the games top scorer last season & should be up there again in this campaign.

Eden Hazard

  • Goals: A good return of 14 in the last campaign was a great source of points for some of our managers.
  • Assists: Hazard was in the top 10 for EPL assists aswell, so the involvement in the hollywood categories this season is expected.
  • Accurate Passes: Hazard was amongst the top 5 pass masters in the game last year, deploy him as a forward and reap the rewards of a lower points threshold in this category. 30 Apa for a forward gets you +1 that game.
  • Fouls Suffered: Hazard was by far the most fouled player in EPL last year. He was the victim of 113 fouls and averaged near 3 FS a game.  3 FS gets you +1 per game.
  • Aerials Lost: Heading is not one of Hazard’s strong suits and he lost 70% of his aerial duels last season.  Careful of this category against the lofty opponents.  5 AL means -1 for your player.

Its worth noting that in the draft format, these players will be highly sort after, so make sure you login and plan your draft shortlist in advance of your draft!


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  1. Just created a league if anyone fancies a beating!

  2. Just created a league, anyone fancies a beating!

  3. Just been on the Dugout Website, such a good idea absolutely love it. game changer

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