Arsenal, Chelsea and City dominate Poll result


So with more than 3.5m players last year – the Fantasy Premier League throws up a LOT of questions for #FPL managers. Who to pick?? who to captain?? what the **** is an FPL chip?

One of the more common questions however over the past month was – “Who is the first name in your team sheet??”

So I thought rather than a single 140 character response on twitter I would throw open the question to our followers and get a collection of thoughts and opinions so you can get a solid overview – and some interesting differential thoughts for your team.

FPL Question

In addition (Because collating a load of tweets isn’t a big enough pain ;)!) I’ve brought together some regular FPL accounts and contributors to build out on their selections to give an insight into their thinking.

At the end of the day – everyone has their own opinion.

Would I pick Andy Carroll in my #FPL team?? No……

Would I begrudge Dave from Sheffield wanting to make him captain everyweek? No….

In fact I’d probably start a cash entry 2 team league and invite Dave to join..


So have a read through the contributions below – let us know your thoughts -who do YOU agree with – who has lost the plot – who would YOU pick???

Drop us a comment here on the site or tweet us as normal on @FantasyYIRMA


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Best of luck to everyone for the new season…

Ryan @FantasyYIRMA



GK – Krul

I always favour cheap goalkeepers, Pantillimon, Fabianski and Mannone all outscored Courtois (PPG) comfortably. He is good value

Under a new manager. He also missed 8 games last season, during which Newcastle failed to keep a single clean sheet.

DEF – Azpilicueta

Mourinho loves him, he will definitely start and is Chelsea’s cheapest defender. I’m not sure why, he collected BP’s

At a better rate than Ivanovic or Terry. He will love the new tackle changes in the BPS.

MID – Hazard

You know what you’re gonna get, and it’s only going to get better. Simple.

FWD – Kane

His figures are hurt because he started from the bench at the start of the season. He is under-priced for what he can produce

And even though I don’t think he’ll better last season’s effort, he is still superb value.




Goalkeeper: Simon Mignolet.

I’m under strict orders to keep things short, so let’s dive straight in! Mignolet brings potential for a lot of clean sheets (he got the second most in the entire league last time out), but unlike some other goalkeepers from top clubs he also rakes in save points on a fairly regular basis due to Liverpool’s notoriously shaky back line. For 5.0 he has avoided a premium price tag; the combination of this and his scoring potential means he is, for me at least, a must-have.


Defender: Cesar Azpilicueta

A Chelsea defender or goalkeeper is pretty much a must-have for FPL due to their massive clean sheet potential, and for me Azpilicueta represents the best value for money. He’s an almost guaranteed starter when fit – last season dispelled any potential fears of Luis taking away his regular game time – and for 6.0 comes in a whole 1 million cheaper than teammates Terry and Ivanovic. Although these two pose more of a goal-scoring threat, Azplicueta chips in with assists from time to time and has also improved on his bonus points tally year on year since joining (19 last time out).


Midfielder: Eden Hazard

Hazard is not quite at Suarez 2013/14 levels yet, but he’s surely the closest to a “must-have” currently in the game. He has a fair few off days where he is very quiet, but even then tends to pop up with an assist or cheap goal. There is no hiding from the expensive 11.5 million price tag, but for me it’s far too much of a gamble to leave him out of the team.


Forward: Diafra Sakho

Ha, bet you weren’t expecting that! I have spent far too much time bemoaning the lack of decent Premier League forwards since the launch of this season’s game, and to be honest I was stumped for quite some time. Costa is much too patchy and unreliable to justify his premium price tag, I still can’t quite bring myself to believe that Kane is an actual good player (this will likely come back to haunt me, but I don’t think he’ll reach double figures this season) and Van Gaal likes playing people out of position too much for me to gamble on Rooney. Thus, a more budget striker was my first choice: 6.5 seemed extremely reasonable for a regular starter with a keen eye for goal, so Sakho was the first pick of my striking options.

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GK: Lloris

He’s one of the top goalkeepers in the world. Tottenham allow a lot of shots for a top team which gives him the opportunity to make saves to increase his value.

DEF: Ivanovic

I keep hearing whispers that Chelsea would like to replace him in the back line. Until that happens he is fantasy gold. Playing for Chelsea gives him a clean sheet opportunity every week (which is the most important aspect of a fantasy defender behind durability). His attack numbers just extend his dominance at the position. His shot attempts have increased each of the last 4 seasons and last year he led all defenders in that category with 44.


MID: Hazard

At 24 years old, Hazard is still improving. It’s fun to think of how he can improve on a season that saw him score 14 goals and assist on another 9. His shots and shots on target have increased in each of the last three seasons. I don’t think it would be out of the question to see a peak Wayne Rooney-esque season from Hazard (20 G + 10 A).


FWD: Aguero

There were players last season that burst onto the scene. Alexis Sanchez, Harry Kane, Charlie Austin. They all finished in the top-5 for goals scored and helped plenty of people win their fantasy league. They were great FPL options last season because each of them could have been purchased at a budget price. That will not be the case this season. Keep in mind that none of those players scored more goals last season than Aguero. Aguero scored 26 times last season while playing less minutes than any of the aforementioned strikers. Aguero has also been dominating the Premier League for multiple seasons. When you’re picking your most expensive player you want to go with dependable (take fliers on cheaper players) and Aguero is your guy. Just try not to think about the injury concerns…

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GK: Petr Cech

His experience is second to none.  He will add much needed quality to Arsenal’s defence.  They are bound to keep more clean sheets with him between the sticks.  He is definitely not past it.  Don’t be surprised if Cech ends as up as one their star performers of the season.

DEF: Nathaniel Clyne

During his time at Southampton he simply got better each season and was duly rewarded with a call up to the senior England set up.  The move to Anfield will be a step up in expectations.  He will relish it and may maximise his abilities to another level.

MID: Memphis Depay

There has been a big Ronaldo-sized hole present at Old Trafford for the last few years, Depay may be just the man that is able to fill it. Of course, he has a lot to prove and will take time to adapt.  Beyond the hype there is no doubt of his potential in creating, assisting and scoring goals.

FWD: Christian Benteke

With Sturridge still injured, Lambert past his peak, Balotelli being questionable, Origi inexperienced and Ings acting as another option at best; new signing Benteke will look to seize his moment.  Rodgers may come to depend on him.  The seasoned Belgian has proven his goalscoring class in the Premier League.  Dare I say it, if he is allowed to exercise creative license upfront as expected he will become their “New Luis Suarez”.


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GK – Butland

obviously not going to be the highest scorer, but (arguably) the best value option
*assuming he holds his place!

DEF – Smalling

differential choice, but expect MU to be better at the back this season. Great value if he matches last season’s 4 goals

MID – Walcott

scored 5 in just 4 starts last season, will score slightly less than Sanchez, but 2m cheaper!

FWD – Aguero

Probably over-priced, but still gonna be the best (c) option most weeks (once fully recovered from Copa America)

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