Fantasy Football rule changes for Fantasy Premier League

So if you’re a sad git like me you will have known about the new rule changes to the Fantasy Premier League this season for weeks!! If you are relatively sane however you may be putting together your team for the new season for the first time and not reworking draft 62….

With this in mind we will be running a number of posts this week looking at the changes to the game this season.

First up we run through two of the big changes… Wildcards and Bonus Points.

Tomorrow – we’re serving CHIPS!!!

Best of luck for the New Season – #ScoreYIRMA

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Guest Post Provided by @FPLaddicts

You will have noticed one major change when you logged in this season, the addition of ‘chips’. That wasn’t all! There have been a few other alterations to the rules that may have slipped under the radar. Fear not, after reading this you should be all over it. I initially intended to have all the changes covered in 1 article, but it turned into a novel. I will release an article covering the chips tomorrow. For now we have plenty to talk about… Let’s get into 2015/16 planning shall we!



There has been a major upgrade to how we can use our wildcards, and to be honest it’s common sense. There’s no doubt it will have huge implications on how you utilize your biggest weapon, especially early in the season. Here are the changes…

Managers will get 2 wildcards per season, just like last year. However, the January wildcard has been scrapped. Rather than being forced to use a wildcard during January, we now get more flexibility. Managers can now use their second wildcard anytime from GW20 through until the final GW38. As you should all know, wildcards never stack. This means we must now use our original wildcard between gameweeks 1-19. That’s a game changer, and here’s why.

Previously, many people held onto their wildcard so they could use it late in the season when double gameweeks are announced. This was a huge advantage and reason enough to hold strong early in the season whilst bandwagons form. Seeing as there will be no DGW’s before GW19, that advantage goes out the door. Suddenly an early wildcard is all the more tempting. Personally I could never hold it anyway, but it provided a differential between players. Some would change their teams up early, others would stick with their pre-season squad. The likeliest result is that far more teams will use an early wildcard, during or before the first international break. Sure you could hold it, but using a wildcard just before a transfer window is dangerous. We can worry about the second wildcard when GW20 rolls around, for now we need to plan around our first one. It’s early days and I will cover wildcard tactics in closer detail later. Having said that, if Aguero and Sanchez miss the first couple of games then I already have my mind made up for me. It will be interesting for sure…


Bonus Point System

It wouldn’t be a new season of FPL without some changes to the BPS. This year, I love what they’ve done. Often, the system has been weighted heavily in favour of attackers and midfielders. Defenders could sweep up the 0-0’s, while keepers hardly got a look in at all. That’s all about to change. Before we get into the changes, here’s a brief summary of how the system works. Players get ‘points’ for actions during the game, either positive or negative. The top 3 players get awarded bonus points, self-explanatory. You can see the full list of allocations on the official website under rules. That should bring you up to speed. For 2015/16 there are 3 major changes. (Remember when I speak of points here, these don’t count towards your players score!)


Number 1.

Keepers now get 2 points for every save, not 1. Hallelujah! Cheap keepers occasionally got amongst the bonus, but it was a rare occurrence. This change immediately improves the possibilities of the cheap keeper tactic. This tactic has worked superbly for me over the past couple of seasons, there’s no doubt I will be doing it again now! This could have negative ramifications for defenders in teams who concede a lot of shots on target, but shot stoppers come right to the fore. Don’t fear for the defenders, they get their boosts as well…

Japan goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima reacts after Netherlands' Wesley Sneijder scored a goal during the World Cup group E soccer match between the Netherlands and Japan at the stadium in Durban, South Africa, Saturday, June 19, 2010.  (AP Photo/Roberto Candia)

Number 2.

Defenders now get a point for every 2 CBI’s (Clearance, block and interception) they make instead of 3. To put this into perspective, Ashley Williams made over 600 CBI’s last season. Secondly, defenders now get 2 points for every tackle, not just 1. Huge! On one hand this change could balance out the advantage that was weighted towards keepers, but overall it definitely improves the prospects of your defensive options both in goal and in defence. They are now far more likely to be rewarded bonus for a clean sheet, bare that in mind when selecting your squads. Watch out for the return of dominant centre backs…


“More points for CBI’s?? That’s the **** I’m talking about!!”

Number 3.

As for the final key alteration, midfielders can wave goodbye to some cheapies! Whilst defenders and keepers have received a boost, numerous players will be harshly affected by the changes to how passing completion and accuracy is rewarded. Previously when players made at least 30 passes at 70% they got 3 points, 6 for 80% and 9 for a passing accuracy of 90% or better. That is now 2, 4 and 6 respectively. Players like Toure and Fabregas will be hurt by this change, however goals and assists will still reward them handsomely. I think this change will have the biggest affect on defenders from top teams. Take Koscielny for example. He would have 30 passes at better than 90% completion with his eyes closed. That extra reward being guaranteed almost every week is now forfeited slightly. He will still receive 6 points and benefit from the changes to CBI’s and tackles. It will be interesting to see how this plays out; this final change will mostly affect players from top teams who often win the majority of possession.


“First City forget my Birthday then the Premier League take bonus points off me??! AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!! “

My final thoughts? I’d say the changes balance out for the top defenders. They were already favoured by the BPS last season, for example Koscielny managed 15 bonus points in just 25 games. I’d expect much of the same this year, I doubt there will be improvement but it’s nothing to worry about either. The changes will have the greatest effect on cheap keepers and defenders. Both will benefit!

Let these rule changes sink in whilst selecting your squads. A good manager is always prepared; lucky for us we should get some bonus point indications during pre-season. As for the wildcards, be sure to use them wisely! I will be back tomorrow to break down the 3 chips, until then happy tinkering season!

Cheers guys, it’s good to be back for another season… Let the countdown begin.



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