Did you make it to the Next Round? PunditsCupYIRMA Results

Afternoon folks and welcome to the Knockout Rounds of the #PunditsCupYIRMA organised in Partnership with the good folks at @FFPundits



From now on fixtures for the Cup will ONLY be available from this website.

Many thanks to the good folk at FantasyFootballFix.com who have been kind enough to randomise and keep track of the fixtures for us also.

Check out their FREE #FPL app when you get a chance

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Red Devil Ronit LINK 37 Capital FC LINK 40
Why Always Me LINK 34 Use The Forster LINK 46
Balls Deep LINK 44 Wudaokou LINK 46
Vuvufellas LINK 44 WhatSchlupp? LINK 55
karmz LINK 41 Finding Mido LINK 40
FC Bolie LINK 53 Funtastic Imaging LINK 36
Aidil FC LINK 59 Razi XI LINK 47
vespa army LINK 47 Multiple Scoregasms LINK 52
BoozeMen LINK 47 Aoytesarp FC LINK 54
Zamalek FC LINK 42 SweatyMongoose FC LINK 46
Obeyeyie Seagulls LINK 52 Schindlers Assist LINK 33
Pell» Adebola LINK 44 Scott’s Tots LINK 58
Vincent’s Tan Line LINK 27 786fc LINK 52
Argyle FC LINK 45 Los Pollos Hermanos LINK 49
The A-Team LINK 39 Queens Park Raisins LINK 39
AWAY team through on goals scored 1-2
Klopp and a Half LINK 47 ManOlu United LINK 55
Rodallega Bombs LINK 32 Kyle Madrid LINK 32
Home team through on goals scored 2-1
The Masterplan LINK 35 Hazenfrog Ke Sepahe LINK 48
Opal Coast * LINK 55 Thats What She Said LINK 26
ForceTheWayUp LINK 62 Bajen1897 LINK 39
Frozenway LINK 36 It’s Gonna Get Messi LINK 46
Squiskie Town FC LINK 44 YOUNGGUNS LINK 43
Superjan&llorislane LINK 52 Benidorm Boro LINK 42
Return of the AK LINK 40 Soccer Heads LINK 34
Weans Against Us LINK 44 Meekling LINK 49
Ospi“a Colada LINK 44 Lew’s Legends LINK 35
Easy Money LINK 38 Tank Grunge LINK 63
Aurelius XI LINK 71 iRed Boys LINK 29
AllezLeChef LINK 46 All Schtars LINK 46
AWAY team through on goals scored 2/3
Squaz Attack LINK 43 System 3.0 Fc LINK 35
Tiro Glamour Boys LINK 46 hiGhland_raGe LINK 48
fattyprice fc LINK 42 The Matabees LINK 44
HOME team through on goals conceded 15-16
Killer Beanz LINK 41 MetalHeads LINK 39
Newcomer fc LINK 47 Kiroboto All Stars LINK 48
The Highbury Reds LINK 46 The Bogs 11 LINK 42
Gooner Get You! LINK 31 ÏCatch Me If U Can” LINK 33
branoyaFC LINK 42 #EastCoastDynamos LINK 41
El Ilusionista LINK 45 kpakpakpa sc LINK 33
Team Goreng LINK 38 A Pint Of Speroni LINK 45
AMARIO cheetahs LINK 46 shanklygates LINK 44
4-3-3 Blaze It LINK 42 Wednesday Owls LINK 44
Barkleona LINK 30 Gutta Krutt LINK 46
Sicco FC LINK 52 Crazylegs Crafty’s LINK 48
Enrique VII LINK 37 The Cong FC LINK 59
Schteeve McClaren XI LINK 42 Vitalogy LINK 47
bolabalikoe LINK 46 FC Tuky LINK 47
MercenariesXI LINK 48 Rodallega bombs LINK 50
Gangsta Costa LINK 47 Elisbury Hill LINK 35
#IamTheIroko LINK 39 RIP A-team LINK 51
Santos Juniors LINK 48 Dollas Diamonds LINK 56
Andys Arsepeice V LINK 50 Q.W.E.R.T.Y. LINK 40
Catz ‘n Dogz LINK 38 Go Go Team LINK 38
Away team through on goals conceded 14-13
Things can change FC LINK 39 FC Vallad LINK 28
BGE Futbol Club 516 LINK 46 Kings Kings LINK 40
No Laughing Mata LINK 46 Gutta til MJ LINK 48
Hyperion Rebels LINK 55 Muller Reus LINK 64
the good fpl team LINK 46 Red Devils’ Angel LINK 46
Away team through on goals conceded 15-13
WorldStar United LINK 47 CECHMATE LINK 42
Ikram All Stars LINK 45 I’m a girl LINK 54
Immis Special LINK 40 Sophia’s Squad LINK 61
CechYrslfB4URekYrslf LINK 43 Going the DISTINce LINK 33
Gerrarahia LINK 59 Lovrens Clown Circus LINK 47
FCBrooklyn LINK 45 Maybach FC LINK 44
East Ham United LINK 50 Lethal FC LINK 57
Coq in debuchy LINK 49 PAP II LINK 49
Away team through on Goals scored 2-3
Panenka 4 Breakfast LINK 54 Liverpooler LINK 31
Masalembo LINK 57 Wrighty’s Reds LINK 61
@Sirhazi LINK 38 Sepp-tic Planks LINK 61
Wanyama’s in Pyjamas LINK 47 Come Afellay With Me LINK 54
Feeling Blue LINK 66 Sisco Inferno LINK 38
The Addams Family LINK 51 Vinjak Utd LINK 48
_______ _____ LINK 69 Sea Dogs XI LINK 48
Anglachel LINK 48 FC-Gunnerz LINK 58
Bismillah Butchers LINK 26 TDE LINK 61
ZvimaParrafin FC LINK 48 Official Banterbury LINK 36
Captain Sensible FC LINK 47 Eagle Stars LINK 42
AC Dead People LINK 53 Around The World LINK 40
Outkast LINK 45 Watch Out LINK 62
Nonstop FC LINK 43 Ridiculous Stupidity LINK 44
Wengerball LINK 34 FPLtips LINK 43
I Wanna Cesc You Up LINK 26 Queens XI LINK 52
Saints and Sinners LINK 49 Anisah_LFC LINK 40
Anil’s warrior LINK 34 Magpies1862 LINK 43
Fleetwood Makelele LINK 60 Christ’s Chin LINK 42
Misocity LINK 56 Goal Smashers LINK 48
Dablengs FC LINK 45 AS Il’Purpone LINK 32
The Street Elite LINK 49 butterflyeffect LINK 42
Differential XI LINK 47 Southampton LINK 25
St George FC LINK 35 Madriddicted LINK 39
Hakuna MATAta LINK 57 hairy ballbag LINK 38
Yellow Gunners LINK 51 FC Boogax LINK 50
Cheshire ROST LINK 36 LSFR Arsenal LINK 46
Saints (we march on) LINK 37 The Factual One LINK 57
DhiSree XI LINK 52 Unholy Confession XI LINK 43
Cookie Bots LINK 37 Mahbubnagar united LINK 51
Priceless F.C. LINK 42 The Invincibles LINK 47
Cleverley Dunne LINK 33 Rongsyok LINK 54
Crap team name LINK 55 The Nerf Herders LINK 46
Green Ninja LINK 43 Bebbikickers LINK 53
GSW30 LINK 43 Na Fir Bolg LINK 55
Scott’s XI LINK 38 Red Devils FC LINK 43
Seddon Snarfs LINK 50 I want my title back LINK 44
Softa Ofta LINK 26 Slipstream LINK 32
Weggis Winners LINK 67 Floreat Salopia LINK 44
Leave My Arcelona LINK 51 MU LINK 43
Bleo’s XI LINK 46 Repeat Offenders LINK 32
Dodgy Dazzlers LINK 45 Expected Toulouse LINK 40
Mad Scientists FC LINK 38 Wildcoast Warriors LINK 31
Who Ate All Depay LINK 61 rift raff LINK 61
Home team through on goals conceded 12-13
ErickZyzz-CFC LINK 43 Tough Tettey’s LINK 46
Riley FC LINK 56 rasherz united LINK 43
TMCC LINK 48 50 shades of red LINK 41
Ah Sure Look LINK 62 IndianFantasy LINK 35
__ LINK 46 Grab and Go LINK 51
Jean Claude Van Gaal LINK 39 AFC UNITED LINK 39
Away team through on Goals scored 0-1
Kilo Tano LINK 38 BestInTheWorld LINK 43
Team Name LINK 44 thesharks22 LINK 64
supa strikas LINK 49 OG’S LINK 30
Dale’s Dodo’s LINK 67 Flying Without Ings LINK 62
Wijnaldum and Dummet LINK 36 Hamre FC LINK 51
Sawa rai united LINK 51 @myrla_cat LINK 40
Izensen FC LINK 51 silverstars LINK 46
MePaap LINK 60 Coq Blocked LINK 48

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  1. MercenariesXI 48-50 Rodallega bombs

    I scored more points than my opponent, but it says the home team go through on goals conceded. Is that right?

  2. Mercaneries XI 48-50 Rodallega Bombs.

    Says the home team goes through on goals conceded, even though the away team has scored more points. Is this right?

  3. Many thanks Ratan – much appreciated.

    Good luck


  4. Ratan Kunder

    Even if you’re points are more and if the goals conceded by your team are more then the other team gets through.? Am I missing something?

    • What is your team name and I will check it out?

    • Just checked and yes – you are missing something 🙂

      Your team “Things can change FC” won your match 39-28 and are through to the next round

      The tie break you are referring to is for the match directly above you which finished in a draw

      Best of luck in the next round!


      • Ratan Kunder

        Cheers…. Just one thing I would like to say. I read all the articles published on this site. Keep up the good work team. Really like it a lot.

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