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Interview With Pranil Sheth – India’s Top Ranked Fantasy Premier League Manager Last Season

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The Hard Tackle had the privilege of interviewing India’s number one Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager last season – Pranil Sheth.

Pranil navigated through an unpredictable Premier League season to finish eight points clear of his nearest opponent in the country standings. Pranil’s team, titled “Bad team on paper”, eventually ended up finishing 77th in the world rankings. He recounts the highs and lows of an unforgettable FPL campaign in an exclusive interview with The Hard tackle below.

1. Congratulations Pranil! First up, how does it feel to finish as the number one Indian manager in Fantasy Premier League 2015-16?

It feels bloody good, obviously. I’m elated. It’s nice to have a hobby like FPL validated through a good rank and even better to have…

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