Arsenal’s Walcott or Alexis Sanchez – Has this actually become a question?

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While they’ve leaked 7 goals already this season, you have to think that Man United won’t be given a better opportunity for a clean sheet than Stoke at home. So who better to pick than everyone’s favourite Jermaine Jackson lookalike, Antonio Valencia. I’ll be honest, this isn’t so much to do with him as an individual but more as needing a reliable United defender. None of them have emerged as prolific goalscorers as yet, and Smalling’s weekend goal doesn’t yet convince me. Valencia finds himself in the opposition half more than any other of Mourinho’s defenders and is as likely to get attacking points as any other. Surely he’s a 6 pointer, right?



There’s no denying it, if Liverpool beat Swansea this weekend we will all have to include them in discussion about the title. But for a mishap at Burnley…

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