Chelsea and Arsenal feature in a Bonus Point Balls Up

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Guest Post from Richard Kenny – Follow him on twitter @InfernoSix

Bonus Points – Flawed System


After the Chelsea Arsenal game on 4 Feb game there was anger in the FPL community regarding the distribution of bonus points. It appeared to be a mystery why Monreal who played in a defence that conceded 3 goals was awarded 2 bonus points. Whilst Alonso, who scored for the winning team and conceded only 1 goal, was awarded no bonus points. Also Costa, who provided two assists for the winning team did not receive any bonus points.

This article will provide a general discussion on the BPS system, suggest some improvements for next season and try to shed light on the Chelsea Arsenal game ‘mysteries’.


How are points awarded?

Before looking at the Chelsea Arsenal game, it is important to understand how bonus points (BPS) are…

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